Sunday, November 26, 2017

Black Friday Buys and Price Rewinds

First Black Friday in which I was actually looking at deals.  Ended up buying a $250 laptop for $150 (after tax + shipping) - which should work very well with the Chromecast that we bought.  Bought this right at the stroke of midnight-ish at Fry's... my first ever Black Friday purchase!!!

Also bought a new Surface Pro 2017 (with a type cover) because I sorely need a new computer.  The current one warns me of low battery, even when it is plugged in, and the processor works at half speed half the time.

In addition, as one friend puts it - I also spent most of Thursday 'rebuying' stuff.  I was basically looking online for things that I already bought to see if they were on sale.

With the Citi Price Rewind feature from Citi, we had bought a bunch of stuff ~50 days before Black Friday, so that if Black Friday comes and a deal was present, simply snipping a screenshot and uploading it to Citi should allow us to get the spread back.  We'll see how this goes and whether Citi does in fact honor this.  If they do, they will have elevated themselves to my most favorite credit card company list.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cleaning Cleaning...

Tub is clean.  New water heater is in.

Trick - this soft cleaner for Barkeeper's Friend, and scrub.  A little 220 sandpaper to round things out.    Looks like new! 

Up next, the stove.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Credit card opening spree...

After almost a year of no credit card opening.  This past week I have gone on a spree and opened two credit cards (one with Amazon, one with Chase)

What was the deal you ask?
Amazon - $75 gift card
- 5% cash back on Amazon purchases if you are a Prime member

Chase Sapphire Preferred - 50K points after spending $4k in 3 months
- 0% foreign transaction fee
- points are worth 1.25 on their rewards website
- first year annual fee waived


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Lobster Miso soup!

Grocery shopping today, cheap lobster!
So we made lobster miso soup with the head... Mmmmmm

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Culture Day and Capital Grille

After a little culture day at the SAM, we proceeded to take advantage of the perks offered by AMEX in giving us $50 off at Capital Grille.

Had a pretty good time - looove getting a discount.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Getting Ready...

Had a volunteer willing to try to make sure the seat is ready!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bye Bye Couch

Out with the old, in with the new...

Bye bye couch... you will be missed.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Charmander Glowing Belly

A little pumpkin carving outing today.  Never knew wifey had such skill with the knife!

Sooo happy!  I helped make the belly.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Cotton Anniversary Celebration - Secret Outing: Popeyes and Hama Hama!!

The instructions from the Friday night were - pack enough clothes for an overnight stay, with one outdoor outfit.  With that, the anniversary celebration plans are set in motion!

We woke up somewhat early on Saturday morning, and headed down towards the ferry terminal (as I had correctly guessed).  What I did not realize though was that we were headed to Bremerton, and more did I not know was that we were headed to Hama Hama - the land of oysters!!!

The first unexpected surprise was after getting gas, we stumbled upon a Popeye's.  Popeye's as folks here know is pretty rare in the west coast, but this Popeye's was like no other.  This Popeye's in Bremerton is probably the best Popeye's I've had in years.  Clean, super hot, super crispy, great service - if every Popeye's was like them, they'd take over the world!

After the brief surprise, we would proceed northwest towards the first destination.  Hama Hama Hood Canal.  Eating oysters by the picnic table with a bottle of wine, facing out into the bay... Ahhhh life is sweet!

After the snack, we headed to Alderbrook Resorts, where we would spend the night at.  This is where we discovered how helpful a pillow fortress is...

The next morning, we got some breakfast in bed.  Then after started off with a light morning hike.

Then we proceeded to Oyster Fest!
Oyster Fest was really really fun even though it was not what we expected.

Given it was an Oyster Fest, we (or at least I) was expecting it to have tons and tons of raw oysters waiting for me to buy and devour.  Instead, it turns out there was only one small stall shucking oysters, and the rest were mainly cooked food (some oyster related liked baked oysters, or bacon wrapped oysters, but also other food like coconut shrimp, shaved ice, candied apple, etc.).  Luckily, that one stall had 3 shuckers, and 3 different types of oysters, and not a long line up.  I would easily end up eating 18 oysters when all is said and done.

We also witnessed an oyster shucking competition.  Pretty amazing to see these shuckers go.  2 dozens oysters shucked and plated in less than 3 minutes (~7.5s per oyster).. and they were not even the fastest of the day!!!

The coconut shrimp was actually the best tasting (yes, even over the raw oyster), and I got a free beer at the beer garden when someone who was leaving gave me their ticket (so nice of them).  We also found some high quality candied apples, which we gladly bought a few of.

So in a nutshell, this was a very well run event that showcased a lot of the local organizations.  There was even a couple booths with kids making food and what not (ie. a booth for boy and girls scouts, and even the local high school).

Thank you lil friend aka wifey for organizing.  You are the best wifey in the world!