Monday, January 22, 2007

Titanium Comes to the Rescue

So I had been struggling for 30 min trying to open the child-proofed cough syrup that I was suppose to take....

Enlisting a fellow engineer, we go about trying to open the bottle with no success. As a last resort, I pull out the legendary titanium knife.

Our solution:
If you can't open the cap, saw off the neck!

We were able to saw through the plastic, and the 1.5 teaspoon of cough syrup now lie happily in my stomach.

Two great to-be engineers, one goal, Result = SUCCESES!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Project Batcape: Completed

So today was the Batcape launch day. Our booth was received very well. 20 people came by because of the custom built Lego house and tons of people came to our booth because of our video.

The Record came by and interviewed us, and CTV came by and interviewed us as well (Result: I am on the news supposedly!!). We didn't end up winning any type of awards though, and no VCs came by either :( ... Oh well...

Also found out later during the day that we were on the UW Bulletin the night before. We were one of the 3 projects that was highlighted before the start of the presentation.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see our booth!!! Hope you all liked our video.

All in all, Project Batcape was a success.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow Day

Waterloo declares a snow day. but there's no snow outside!...My self declared snow day last week had more snow than them... at least it was snowing that day...

Guess fate has decided to give me one more day to rest up for the batcape launch! Good Stuff!

In a few hours, Builder Mson will build the lego dream house for the symposium... details to come...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Second Opinion

Went to the doctor again, this time in TO...

Doc: Hello, what seems to be the problem today?
Me: [same as before]
Doc: blah blah blah... Here you go. This is very strong cough medicine. You should be fine in 3 days, if not, come back.
Me: Thx...

Time elapsed: 5 minutes.

Summary of the day:
1ish Fri nite: Called it a nite... (after passing out just 2 hours ago at Matt's place...haha)
9:30am: Woke up to go see doc...
10:45am: Got my medication, took the medication... went back to bed
12:00ish: Wake up for dim sum
3:15pm: Second dose of medication... went to bed
4:15pm: Woke up and groggily played some chess...
6:15pm: Dinner
7:15pm: Third dose of the day... third nap of the day
8:30pm: Woke up with a headache... bummed around and watched movie in living room
Currently 11:30pm... about to take another dose... calling it a nite latest by 1am..

... so in the past 24 hours... I have managed to sleep/pass out for more than half of it... Now that's a doctor that deserves the gov't tax dollars!

Mson (passed) out.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Visit to Health Services

So after coughing profusely the past few days, I decided to go for some expert advice... here's an excerpt:

Nurse writes the following down before letting me see a doctor...
"So this started on Friday, and I've been coughing up yellow and green stuff... had coughing fits for two nites now... started having a headache today so popped a tynenol, been drinking buckley's since Sat."

Doc: Hrm, are you sick?
Me: I hope not...
Doc: Well, when you are coughing up yellow and green stuff, it usually means you are...

... after the examination

Doc: So, there are many types of viruses... there are the common colds,... the mono... which there's no cure for. Yours look like a virus. How soon you get well depends on ur immune system. So drink lots of water, take akinesia, vitamin C, chicken soup, and whatever, and gets lots of rest. If you start consistently coughing up green stuff, not yellow, then come back and we will check on it again.

... ...
One hour later I walk out... ... ... I want this hour of my life back!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Back to the Arctic North

So my xmas holidays went by very quickly. It seemed just like yesterday that I hopped on to the plane to come back to the arctic north.

Now hibernation begins.... for 4 more months...