Thursday, November 22, 2007

US Thankgiving: Las Vegas II

The second US Thanksgiving in the US... Originally planning to go to San Fran, ended up going to Las Vegas on a whim...

Leaving from 1am, started another sun rise drive towards the sin city. Arrived late afternoon, then did the regular Vegas thing... Food, drinks, gamble, etc. etc. Would this be the start of a tradition for me?

Once again, wasn't able to catch a Cirque de Soleil show, but did manage to get into a David Copperfield show. Next time I swing by Vegas, I will have to make sure I get into a Cirque show... The best part was that we got moved up to the very very front of the stage so we could have kissed David Copperfield's shoes if we wanted to! It's pretty amazing to think that he can make a car appear on stage, without us knowing how it got there even though we were right at the front of the stage.

Also learned how to play crabs and blackjack... The lessons were free, but the 4 drinks while I was there came out to $80 :)... hahahahhahahaha... Good two/three hours of fun!

And on the topic of betting...
"...Be someone who people willing to bet their hopes and dreams on" (inspired by watching Naruto...haha)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wkend at the Movies

Watched two gangster movies this weekend. The first one wasn't too great, but the second one was pretty good.

American Gangsters...
A man who had nothing, took big risks and became the kingpin of a city... So strong... so powerful... All through his own hard work and effort.

Even though he ends up being caught, what a way to carve out his own destiny!