Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween in San Fran - Part I

Slightly after 8:45pm, with another spur of the moment trip, here I was again in the Bay Area. It's been 2 yrs since the last time I was here. Pretty nostalgic in a way... even looked out the airplane as it was making its landing!

Greeted by the familiar RSX, I got into it and off we went to SF for some sushi and sake. The sushi was pretty good.. as expected of a city by the sea! Stll can't believe in those few hours over dinner, I probably had more drinks than I had on my birthday outing a couple months

After that, we drove around SF to find a club to go into... Since we finished dinner close to 11:00, most clubs had hugeee lines. Driving half an hour later, we ended up at a place called 10.15. Nothing much different there, did see a Kool-Aid costume which I thought was pretty cool. That and the Twister Boardgame person.

Went back to SJ, had some after hours instant noodles, and called it a night. Ahhh... the good ol' days.. feels like res!

After 2 years, back in Cali!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Snow Lake Trail Hike

Went hiking today. Was able to get some really nice pictures.

It was very refreshing and mind clearing to hike up a mountain. All the simple one liners and various things I have been hearing the past few months just seem to come together...