Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sushi and Laker Day

Waking up ridiculously early, took a few naps here and there and then around noon, proceeded to go eat home made sushi :). Spent the next 4 hours making and eating sushi... haha.. who knew sushi takes that long to make!!! We had squid, salmon, faux crab, avocado, and octopus all at our disposal. The octopus tasted sooo yummy. Loveeee tako! It was pretty fun to make (and eat) sushi though. Thanks to the few chefs who made most of the sushi on this fine day. We should do it more often!

After sushi, then headed off to the sonics vs. lakers game. It was a blowout game where the lakers won by 20 points. Lakers was actually en route to get over 100 points before the end of the 3rd quarter, if only Kobe did not get ejected from the game after getting T'd up twice. It was really fun watching an entire game again though, the intensity, the desire, the body language that gets conveyed when they are gonna go all the way,... wouldn't mind going to watch another game in the near future.

Since the game ended relatively early, went around the area and ate. At this place, I drank 2.5 pitchers of US iced tea in one sitting. The waitress must think
a) either I was passing the iced tea around to the others at the table OR
b) I am a crazy man...
Note: Even though I ordered a refillable cup, I asked the waitress to kindly bring a pitcher since I knew I would be drinking an insanely amount of liquids this night...

This day did show me I am not anywhere near recovered yet. I was exhausted throughout and really really needed to take naps (managed to squeeze 2 in during this time, and numerous super quick power naps). If it was not for those, I think I would have done what I did at the Egyptian museum and my legs would give out on the spot.

End of Week Summary

Having been taking pill after pill, I was running low on the ample Tylenol that I had brought with me from the good ol' North. So as one of the must-dos, went to pick up some new arms in my fight against the viruses...

Today's biggest purchase:
$9.79 for 150 tablets of extra strength Tylenol.

Not quite sure if that is cheap or not... but that is ALOT of Tylenol. It will take awhile to pop all these... hopefully I won't need them for too much longer!

In other news.. headache and dizziness are gone, sore throat is not as bad (though it was painful the day before), but all this at the cost of increased coughing. I am now officially coughing like a mofo...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Malade Numero Uno @ S.Town

There had been signs earlier on. The sequence of interrelated and intermingling events...
1) Late night outing last Friday
2) Picture taking outing outdoors that in hindsight, I must not have bundled up properly for
3) Eating poorly due to laziness
4) Constant flu bug going around

Full blown flu that gave me body aches, headache, dizziness, chills and likely a fever... Rendering me completely dysfunctional for the day!

I guess if only 1 of the above, or even 2 of the above happened, I would have been fine. But all 5 events having transpired relatively close to one another, I guess there's was no escaping the consequences. Come to think of it, when I do get sick, it can always be attributed to the law of compounding effects.

Note to self: Stop and rest up when you are at 2... don't let yourself hit 4...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Taking Pics At Local Park

It has been very nice outside for the past couple days. So I decided not to waste it and go outside to play with my tripod.

Going to the local nearby park, set up the tripod and started to learn to play with my camera. Still have lots to learn since I still cannot snap a shot that I see in my mind or with my eyes, but here are a few unedited, unphotoshopped results...

The funny thing during this time was that people who walk by actually stopped and paused as they approached, not wanting to disturb the shot. It almost like me feel like a pro or something.. hahahahaha! But seriously, I thought it was pretty cool and nice of them to wait until they get the go ahead to continue on their hike/walk. I hope I can one day put to good use and take advantage of these kind gestures by snapping quality pics!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Clubbing Again...

Another weekend, another night at Trinity. No pepper spray residue this time, and did remember my ENTIRE night!... Me so responsible :)

On the way back, even chatted with the cab driver and asked him the 'train' question. I think the cab driver was a bit worried about the passenger in the back he was carrying (and no, I was sitting in the front)... haha.. but I think he did enjoy our conversation

Didn't get home till very late. Was sobering up and watched Prestige. Seemed like a pretty good movie; but I fell asleep I think throughout so only caught bits and pieces of it... the ending is pretty weird though...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oyster Day Bust

W/ oyster buddy out of town, it's Thursday... so oyster day must go on! Gathering any able and willing, headed to the good ol' McCormicks...

So there I am sitting, bartender recognizes me by now so no ID needs to be checked, and I wait until my 'boss' arrives... Thinking it was any old random day, we begin to order the very thing we came out for... oyster shooters... then BAM! Bartender says:
"Sorry, we don't do happy hour on V-day"...
To Mson:
"Sorry, today's D-day"...

So sadly, did not get any oyster shooters... but since we were there, we got the oyster sampler instead. Still decent oysters, just more $$$...

So during the middle of this bust of an oyster day, the random ladies sitting next to us was what 'boss' would call, hitting on us... They mentioned something about how they travel by 2 instead of in a bigger group because that makes them easier to pick up, and apparently turned to look at the 2 of us when we left the bar. I, the pure innocent me, of course didn't even pay notice to any of this until afterwards; since they were easily dozens of years older.. that and the shock of no happy hour oyster shooters was traumatic enough!

Next week is another week...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Never drinking again...

After playing Gundam for 4 hours the night before, I wake up today to a Happy McD meal before heading to buy random things... One interesting thought though... "If you complain even bout the littlest thing.. how can someone trust you with big things"... So different than my way of thinking, haha, but so true in a way... sometimes CS buddy is pretty wise!

But anyway, on to the title of this entry. So having had alot of fun the last time I was there, thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to go clubbing at trinity... it was weird in a way because apparently a person sprayed pepper spray on the main floor, and so the main floor was cleared out for 10 minutes. Drinks were expensive as usual... really wished there was some sort of $2 drinks before 12am or something...

As for the rest of the time... can't say much because I don't remember much... hahaha... but as always, good friends, great subconscious homing beacon... what more can I say... lol

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Personality Quiz @ Korean BBQ

It's interesting that asking a simple question can get so much insight into a person's personality.

So the question, recalling from Times magazine, was:
If a train with a bunch of people (say 30) in it are headed towards oblivion, and you alone have the power to save it (and the 30 ppl inside it)... at the cost of pushing a person onto the train track to stop the train, what would you do if
(a) the person was a random person, and the people in the train were foreign to you
(b) the person is very important to you, and the people in the train were foreign to you
(c) the person was a random person, and one of the people in the train is someone very important to you

For me, I think my answer may actually change depending on the day...Logically there is an answer, morally there is another one, and emotionally there is another one...but I guess the hardest choice for me to make would probably be (a).

When can I one day not hesitate to make a bold decision when that moment comes... hrm... I wonder.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Random walking around pike place...

No visitors to the city of Seattle today, but did end up going to Pike's Place for a nice walk. Originally I had thought about taking pictures and trying out the tripod... but did not end up bringing it cuz I thought it was going to rain; that and I was too lazy. But it was a pretty nice day for a walk actually. Not too hot, not too cold, and it didn't even end up raining in Seattle!

A few more months, and then I can spend my weekends walking around and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Can't wait!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

27 Dresses and Random Day of Events

Today was an on-the-spot planning day... did sooooo much!

1) Car Wash
So after that nasty incident the night before, went to get the car washed ASAP. Ended up waiting for an hour but at least its all clean now!

2) Happy Hour
Went to happy hour at yet another restaurant. Had nice couches to sit on for this one. The clams there were pretty good. No oysters though :(. haha...

3) Movie: 27 Dresses
It was surprisingly a pretty good movie. Some parts of the movie were very annoying and frustrating, but the overall story is pretty interesting.

Quick summary of plot: So the main character is supposedly in love with this guy, but her sister ends up grabbing the guy. To make it worse, the main character needs to plan the wedding for her sister and the guy she loves. Somewhere in the middle, the main character gets a chance to be with this guy, but by then, everything has died and she was in love with someone else.

This movie was interesting because it made me think. You can dream of this perfect person the whole time... but what if you finally get together with them and no sparks come out. All those hopes and dreams you had, all that anticipation just fizzling out. What would happen then? All that time wasted away dreaming only to have reality tear up your storyboard from the ground up. Knowing this, makes you wonder why people hesitate to bridge the gap between reality and eternity...

On this note, just started thinking that it is not really a fair comparison to compare a person you just met against someone you've known for a long time. I mean, no matter how compatible you are with a person you just met, is there really any way they can compare to someone you've known for a long time. How can someone who you just met understand you to the degree someone who've you known for say 5 years could?

I have always thought that there would be a person that can suddenly appear and completely surpass anybody I've met in the past instantaneously. But the more and more I think about it, the more I think it has never been possible; no matter how great that person is. Even if they can make 1 day equal 100, they'd still need the equivalent time of a month or so to even start to understand you at the same level as people you've known for a long time. If only I could have realized this earlier...

Finally, we all know you can't change people. Humans are known to adapt and evolve, and if the need is there, they will change. So what if you change who you are so you can match the person you are madly in love this necessary the right thing to do? Given time, anyone can change if they want to. But can you still call yourself yourself?

And even if you end up changing who you are to match this person, no matter how much you can help them, if you cannot express your feelings, then nothing will ever come out of it. There aren't really fairy tales in this world... not if you are afraid to act.

All this from a 2 hr movie... guess I think about things way too much!... lol

4) Gameworx
Gameworx is this Dave n Busters like place. Played a few games here and there. It was a nice change from all the billiards/movies/bars that I've been going to recently. I think the last time I went to a Dave n Busters like place was back in Cali almost a year ago...

I also found out that I am a better darts person with my left hand than my right. I was actually able to finish a round of darts in less than 10 rounds with my left hand. But then it is not as fun playing with my left hand since I could not whip the dart at the board and hear that 'thud' sound.

5) Bbtea at Oasis
Yes... after all those things, still managed to grab some bbtea. Played tons of Big2.

6) K at 12 am
Hearing all of them songs, wanted to sing (even if I could not drink). So at around 11ish, called up Gossip to see if there were any rooms open and lo and behold, there was one. So we got up and walked down the street and started singing for the next 2 hours.

At Gossip, acquired a new skill: The Totoro Dance... hahaha

Friday, February 01, 2008

Some random person pukes on my car...

Haven't had sushi for awhile now. So wanted to eat at a place that had nice sushi. Ended up at a place called Blue C which was pretty nice. Had some sake there, and the sake really brought out the taste of the sushi, and the octopus sushi was really good there as well. Come to think of it, this is only the second time I've had sake with sushi. I think I will start doing more of that from now on.

After sushi, headed to Parlour to shoot some pool. Everything was as expected but as I come out to get the car, it appears that some drunk people were around earlier and one of them puked on my car... So I spent the next 5 minutes wiping off somebody else's puke. Never parking next to the elevators again...

They say that sake tastes sweet or bitter depending on your mood. Tonight the sake was both sweet and bitter.

One day I think everything is taken care of, then another everything seems like is about to collapse. Jumping between two extremes of the spectrum... feel so tired... When will this feeling go away?