Sunday, January 18, 2009

Recovery Day...

Waking up the next day, I continued to read the book the Devil and Ms. Prym by Coelho. I have to say that this author is pretty good. After reading the first chapter or so last night, I was just itching to find out what happens.

This book was a story about good and evil... and seeing if people are borne good or evil, or that a person always fights between choosing these two extremes throughout life.

The premise:
A person with a sad past comes to a small village where everyone is honest does the following:
1. Shows a villager a gold bar (enough to let her do whatever she wants for the rest of her life). Then he tells her that he will just leave it in a certain place. Knowing it is his, she could steal it and run off with it -- which would be morally wrong and a sin -- (thou shalt not steal)
2. Then he goes on to say that there are 10 other gold bars (enough to let the entire village never do work again), which he does not disclose where it is. BUT, he will hand it all over if the villagers does one thing... murder a person from the village. Those at the village have 7 days to do this act.
3. The villager is the one telling the entire village of what this man had said.
If you were the girl or the villagers, what would you choose?

After reading this book and yesterday's run, I remember how dull physical pain is compared to any emotional or psychological pain... haha. Even though I can barely walk without wincing, I think it would probably be far worse if I had to go through the psychological turmoil that Ms. Prym in this book had to go through.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Peking Duck and SBK

After a random facebook message of wanting Peking Duck, someone actually went ahead and organized a Peking Duck outing! So off we went to try it out. The place we went to was called O'Asian (in downtown Seattle).

It was a 'new style' Asian restaurant... very little round tables, pretty classy decor. Surprisingly though, the food tasted pretty authentic. The peking duck itself was decent... but it was pretty expensive! I think there were only 12 pieces of skin on the entire dish, with no other courses after. The service though was really good, so I guess that makes up for it. Definitely got to try the other place in Intl District and compare how the Peking duck ther fares.

After a filling dinner, we went to Seattle's Best Karaoke (SBK) to sing some songs - cuz it was still pretty early into the night. First time being there, and I was not impressed at all. Aside from the lack of booze (which I can grudgingly accept):
- the place wreaked and smelled. Not just the chairs, but the books were smelly on certain pages...
- they played songs off these big disk racks, which would fail to load songs every so often...
- It had an old number input style selection systems (the kicker was you can only enter a max of 12 songs at a time)...
- no AC and it was pretty muggy and hot...

So after that experience, probably won't be going back for a long long LONGGGG time!

Having said all this, we ended up singing for 3.5 hours... only leaving because we were getting kicked out cuz another group had booked the room. Ironic eh?

Thg Jog of No Return!

Was originally going to the library to pick up a few reading books, but after having a pack of bacon for lunch, decided I would jog instead. Becoming curious, I looked up the route I had been running. Turns out the path is actually about 3 miles. Which means that in the past year I have managed to go from a 5 minute run.. to running 5km :). Guess I finally completed one of my 'to-do's...

So back to today, wanting the best of both worlds, I looked up how far it is to the library... 2.8 miles one way. Having not jogged for 2 months, I probably shouldn't have taken this on... but meh, I wanted those library books. Worse case I would take the bus back on the return leg. So armed with the essentials (phone, keys), and extra items water, bus pass and a credit card, off I went!

So I was able to run most of the one way trip. Only walked twice for a little bit as I was going uphill. Never realized those hills were that steep! Total running time = 31 minutes... so I'd say I probaby got there in 40 minutes. Not too bad at all!

Once I was at the library, I went in and started reading one of the books I borrowed for a little bit (and also to rest a little). I am very glad to have made this trip! Because the book's opening was just amazing. This Paulo Coelho author is pretty good indeed!

Seeing the sun starting to set, it was time for me to attempt to jog back home. At the library, I realized that both my quads were pretty sore from the run (a good indication that I did a pretty good workout :P). If it was only that, jogging home would not be too tough because as I run, my quads would loosen up again and it will feel ok. However, the semi-expected issue came up... and this made the return home pretty tough! Having mostly run on trails, The impact with the concrete pavement that I experienced today did quite a number on me. And because of it, my ankles/foot were actually pretty sore from the run... to the point where walking caused my left foot to hurt. The interesting part of this was that the part that was most sore was not my right foot, but a part of the left foot that has never hurted before... EVER! I found it both surprising and amusing at the same time... haha.

Nevertheless, I started off jogging from the library, but within a few minutes, decided that I would stop jogging for fear that I might cause some permanent damage to my foot (seeing that I felt pain every step I took!). At this point, I could have used my backup plan and taken the bus, but being impatient with the bus system, I continued to march forward - turns out the time between buses == the same time for a limp to get to where he wanted to go...

Arriving back home in one piece, took a nice shower and then got ready for part II of the night, peking duck in!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Imo and Trinity night

Having had a mystery drink that was unexpected strong (a B151 with Malibu :X) the night before, the Friday was pretty rough throughout the day - seeing I went to bed at 4am...

Troopers that we were though, tonight we would continue the outing and have the first Imo and Trinity combo night of the new year.

Supposedly we were to be at Imo by 8.30pm...but after getting home from work, I took a quick power nap and before I know it, it was 8.30pm. So by 9.30ish, we were there. Surprisingly, it was pretty empty...

Wasn't really in the mood for drinking today, so just sipped a little bit of sake and then we headed into the club. Got introduced to some "Indie dancing" which was pretty interesting.

By the time we left the club, I was exhausted and so called it a night...

Have to say that today was a struggle... guess I am getting old!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Umi Sake House!

After going there twice for dinner and having to give up because the wait would be too long, finally, today I finally got to try Umi Sake House! 3rd time's the charm!

The food was pretty good, and they were pretty unique. Had this dish with octopus as an appetizer, and that was REALLY good. After trying out other dishes, decided randomly to go watch a movie. Looooveee random plans!

We ended up watching an Adam Sandler movie called Bedtime Stories... A classic Adam Sandler movie - funny most of the time, has a little plot to thread the story together. Very nice and relaxing.

After the movie, we walk back out and on our way towards the car, we see 3 groups of 12 yr olds walking around at midnite... wtf? 12am in the morning, and kids are walking around. If it was only one group of little kids, then it'd be still a bit normal, but 3 groups??? That was just weird.

When I was 12, hrmm.. what did I do?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Reflection 1/8: Enroute to Seattle

After 2.5 weeks, it was time to head back to the west coast. The lines were pretty long today, and it looked like everybody everywhere was delayed... but me! I arrived in SeaTac at 11pm-ish - the expected time because of my connecting flight, but very many people enroute to Seattle weren't so lucky. Turns out the city got hit with snow for a few hours in the afternoon, and they had shut down the airport for a few hours. So all the flights that were suppose to arrive from 3pm to 7pm or so could not land and were all rerouted to nearby airports. Which meant that by 11pm-ish, the baggage claim was packed with people, and zero wait taxi line that usually awaited me was ended up taking me 1.5 hours+ to even get into a cab! On the way home, the taxi slipped sooo many times, that I was actually pretty scared.

So on the way back, I had a stopover at O'Hara, and as fate would have it, I would run into the person who lent me the Alchemist. What are the odds eh? Here I was in Seattle at the same city, working at the same place, and I would not run into her, but instead, I run into her at an airport I do not usually go to, out of all the possible connecting flights and stop overs location, it was this one.

This was the first time I had talked to her face to face for a few years now. I remember the last time we talked was when I was picking her brain about the life here, and it seemed more like a Q&A session with a frustrated/incomprehension face from her more than anything...

So this chat as we waited to board the plane was different. It felt awkward in a way, but that's to be expected :P. It also seemed like there was alot less judging this time around, so there was ALOT less frustration (which is good or bad depending on how you look at it)... but what kept striking me as odd was that here I was, always believing that it is not difficult to keep up a conversation with old acquaintances, but then with her, I can definitely feel the lack of topics... Good thing that as always, I can count on her to find stuff to talk about :P - to keep the awkward level from becoming overbearing.

The interesting thing was that while this slight awkwardness was floating around, I was able to at the same time, feel that calm state that I had never been able to quite grasp on my own. That feeling of just being content... be not thinking of anything else, my mind feeling like a blank canvas, not desiring and conjuring up ways to have more of anything and everything... Actually, now that I think about it, this probably partly explains the reason why it was hard for me to think of something to talk about with her... even back then... Of all the people I have met, I think she is the only one who can bring me to this state of mind. That or lots and lots and lots of booze... hahaha

Which makes me wonder. In my life, I have come to know quite a few people. Those who can inspire and motivate, those who can lead, would help others, are compassionate and considerate, are driven, are fun, are wild... which in turn becomes a catalyst for me to reach higher and try to enjoy life. But none of these catalysts (other than perhaps helping others), makes me feel content or happy. Why is that?

I seem to feel most content when I am in this blank state. Though in this state, I am headed nowhere... I would feel stagnant, calm and content but not indifferent. But then, isn't that better than being stagnant, agitated and indifferent? What about the state of moving, agitated and indifferent? Is the ideal case to be moving, calm and content, and not indifferent? How do I reach this state?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Revisiting High Class Bbtea Place

Been waiting a year for this... the high class bbtea joint!

So meeting up with VIP BBtea-er, we chilled and drank GREAT bbtea. Before we know it, it was already 2am.

So we talked about some pretty random things and everything, but though many things have changed, there are certain aspects that reminded me of her high school days. hahaha. Guess people don't really change all that much. Maybe it is true that change is not something that can be done easily... even after all these years and experiences...

One interesting idea that resurfaced as we were chatting away... Is it possible to retire in 5 years and do anything I want! Ahh... wouldn't that be a nice life...

The biggest question I guess is how. I mean, it does seem that it could be possible. It is restricted only to a few people... but they are proof that it can be done right? ...if only i have that great idea and drive!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Eve 2008

Getting home and then chatting w/ Hermie for a bit, I proceeded to go to a potluck thing to see an old friend. It's been awhile since I've saw her...almost one year... if not more!

Alot has changed in the past year it seems. Funny as it sounds, this trip back has made me realized just how much everybody has been moving forward, but I have not moved much at all...

But anyway, after having dessert and playing a few games and catching up, I proceeded to go up to Law's place, to find the Waterloo crew drinking away...

One game that caught my eye was Black Jack for drinks. It has all the black jack rules, and everyone rotates being the the dealer. Dealer plays against everybody else, and if dealer loses, they drink, and vice versa. It's a pretty scary game - since in one deal the dealer could drink quite a bit! Pretty interesting idea though.

Once the new year's kicked in, Law comes up to me, and within 15 minutes, I have broken my 3 drink limit... As the night moved on, we started with beer, then moved to drinking shots of wine with uncle, and even drank some hard liquor at some point. Ate at the wee hours of the night, and before we knew it, it was 6:30am and time for bed. Got up for dim sum at 10ish and recovered the rest of the day...

Another year, another yearly tradition! Thx Law for hosting another year.