Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chi-town: Part III: Tourist Day

After 2 days of booze, booze, and more booze, today was tourist day! Went first to Navy Pier,

In the afternoon, after visiting the bean and this waterfall thing, we went to a bar for some wings and beer. After the game, went into Coldstone and grabbed some ice-cream... cuz I was craving it.

At night, we stayed in, got some famous ribs, and watched some basketball. After which, we started packing and getting ready for the morning flight back.

Feel soo fat this weekend, all we`ve been eating were like ribs, wings, beer, pizza, and oily stuff!!! Soo good, but sooo unhealthy.

It was nice seeing everyone though. Was missing HHH, but all the Waterloo folks were pretty gathered this weekend... felt like university days alllll over again.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chi-town: Part II: Morning Aftermath

Supposedly getting home at 4am or something late like that, this morning we had to get up at 10am to go to Rigley's field to watch some baseball. Mannnn that was sooo tough and gruesome.

Lack of sleep, head and throat slightly hurting, we went to the cubs game and in my brilliance, I decided to go without a jacket... in the windy city. So there I was, sitting through the baseball game, feeling cold from the occasional wind, and watching baseball - which is not all that interesting in my mind.

Good thing I guess was because of this, I was able to sober up since I was probably awake for maybe 3 This baseball game went 7 innings without scoring (which to baseball fans, is suppose to be an awesome game -- but to me, it was like Zzzzzzzzzz....), and so by the end of 8th, we decided to leave. At the end of the night, we find out the final score was 5-4 (so 7 runs were scored in the 9th inning). Go figure eh?

After this sobering up event, went to lunch at Cheescake factory. Was pretty much out of it here and think the lack of sleep in the past few weeks plus the night before is starting to get me sick - so it wasn`t a nice feeling. Strolled a little bit around the 5th Avenue after lunch, where all the shops are at in Chicago. By 5:00ish, I gave in and went back to take a nap... a 3 hr nap :).

With the refreshing nap under my belt, went for some famous deep dish pizza, and then we went clubbing again. Everyone was sooo tired from the night before (since most of them did not take naps), so it ended pretty early - that and the place we went to wasn`t all that good. We ended up going back to Law`s place to chill for a lil bit, then headed home.

3 drink limit unbroken! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Chi-town: Part I: Italian Tapas and Club

After a 2 hr delay at the airport, off I went towards the east coast for a weekend in Chi-town!

First destination was to an Italian tapa place, where we ended up eating one thing from every menu it looks like. Really good food -- but don't know the name of place.

After a few hours of sangria and tapas, on we moved to experience the clubbing experience in Chicago. Nothing too too special, just normal clubbing stuff -- drink, dance, drink, dance, sit, etc.... It was the first time though that I had bottle service. The one cool thing I thought was seeing how the bartender poured into 5 glasses with one pour by stacking the glasses on top of one another. Never thought you can do that!

The last thing I remembered was that of taking a picture with the bartender... but suppposedly we had McDonalds that night... and supposedly I was not passed out! lol. The story goes that I was in the line reminding people to get Happy Meals and get a free smile :). But nothing too too rowdy other than that... Also somehow I magically pulled out the sleeping bag and changed on my own too.. hahaha... guess my subconscious homing beacon is still doing well!

So needless to say, the 3 drink limit was broken once again. Since its inception in Oct of last year, it has been broken 4 times. Not too bad, but not too good...

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Boat Day!

After an all crab fest, woke up relatively early today to go boating!

Bought some good wholesome Molson beer (which was on sale), then headed over to the docks to board the boat.

Pretty chilling.. steered the boat for a lil bit, but mostly just laid around the boat and drank beer, watching and hearing the salted sea.. wuhahahaha

The captain of the boat made us some food as well. Sausages, wings... mmm... all taste so much better on a boat!

Link to pictures to come... (currently on facebook)

Friday, May 08, 2009

Crab Fest

Having had a craving for crab two weeks ago, I ended up buying king crab legs at the regular price. As I was chatting up with the store clerk, he mentions to me that just a couple weeks ago they had a sale on it... half price!

Fast forward to a couple days ago, where I had begun to stack of flyers I get each day and lo and behold, this week, they had a sale for king crab legs! Putting a plan into action, we create an all crab meal using the 3 lbs of king crab we bought :D

1) Egg Drop Soup w/ King Crab Meat
Pretty good soup. The seasoning was from a pack, but the egg was beaten by my hand and slowly mixed into the soup at the end. The king crab meat was shredded by my other 2 accomplices :P
2) Oven Baked King Crab Meat and Vegetables Stuffed Mushrooms
Found the recipe for this online. The instructions had red peppers mixed into the mix. But turns out, it tasted better without it. It was pretty tasty overall though
3) Steamed King Crab Legs with a touch of butter
Mmmmm.... Sooo good. Could use more butter though.
4) Mochies... (ok, this one wasn't made of crab... but it was desert!)


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tulip Festival

After having said I would go for 2 years, this year I finally got the chance to go... the tulip festival!

Have to say that I was amazed at the sheer number of flowers that were present. It was really eye opening to see that many photos. Armed with the long lens, we ended up spending 3 hours taking pictures of flowers!

In addition to the flowers, it turns out I provided the other tourists there another attraction -- my camera lens. Couple typical reactions:

1. Oh wow, look at that lens
Mson stands with camera, and snaps away at pictures. Onlookers with DLSRs walk by, admires the tulips. Sees the lens, admires the lens as well...

2a. What the heck is that guy standing there for?...
Mson stands at a the tulip bush, onlooker sees Mson, wonders why he is standing there. Traces where Mson's looking, sees a camera, then looks back and forth between the two and has the expression "really?!?!?!"

2b. What the heck is that guy standing there for? (Part II)...
To get a better picture, cameramen extends the lens, onlooker sees this and realizes the answer to 2a, that it is possible. 2a's expression is now replaced by "wtf..."

Link to pictures at:
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