Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am worth $8.20

On my bday, I receive a call from Anime Buddy out of the blue. I didn't even remember this, but the year before I had wanted a phone call from Anime Buddy... wuahaha, can't believe she remembered though! Ohhhh Anime Buddy, what a treat!

It was a nice chat - Anime Buddy always had a pretty interesting story to tell. Glad she is chasing after what she wants to do in life!

The highlight though is when I got a MSN msg that the long D call was worth $8.20! Thx Anime Buddy. I used to be worth $48 or something back in OAC -- now I am worth $8.20. I guess inflation has kicked in :(. Too bad that when I got the IM, that I was working at my desk with someone else - it would have been a nice conversation otherwise!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Pizza Hut Day!

After watching a movie in the afternoon that had Pizza Hut boxes used as tablets talking about life, I was determined to eat at Pizza Hut. After 30 minutes of driving and finding that the place we originally wanted to go to was a drive thru, we finally found a place that was a sit down restaurant.

Haven't really sat down at a Pizza Hut for the longest time now - last time must have been the yearly Waterloo tradition. It was interesting, because it seemed like people who go to pizza hut were all either high school kids, or young families. In all my years, I had never noticed this! Pretty weird and interesting at the same time.

Nevertheless, it was a pretty nice outing afterall. Did get half price on the meal because apparently they were running with a short staff, so things were tremendously delayed. I really didn't mind thought, but a 2 person meal, $9.00 what a great deal!