Thursday, December 10, 2009

blooooowfish and the boot

Today I booked off my evening so I can try for the first time in my life, blowfish. A fish I came to know about when I watched Simpsons wayyy back, today I finally get the chance to try it.

Supposedly a little bit of poision from this fish can kill 2500 mice. It has 5 layers of skin, and I think every layer is edible! Pretty cool eh?

We started off with a sashimi plate - that had both sashimi and 2 layers of its skin. Then we had a piece of sushi of it (which was really yummy), then a hot pot, and then the remaining broth was used to make 'pau fan'. The 'pau fan' was really
good I thought - I am always tempted to say it was actually sweet!

The taste is hard to describe. I would almost say its like beef without the blood - if that makes any sense at all. It did feel very healthy eating the meal though. It felt very 'clear'..., only thing was it was a tad expensive (ie. good to do once or twice, but not something I would do every week).

Still feeling hungry, we then headed back to good ol' Redmond for some happy hour oysters. Filled out our stomach, then I drove allll the way back across to go to a german bar. And then that is where I saw.... the Boot! Yes, the boot, the bubble, the bubble!!! Without waiting, I orderd one and off we went :). 2L of beer, in one container, THAT is THE one drink!

Who'd thought - of all places, I would eat blowfish and drink the boot here.

Friday, December 04, 2009

K w/ Booze - Finally

Inciting people to action, today we got our hands on a liquor license, and booked a room to sing... in Seattle!

Started off at this place called BBQ Chicken. Had some ramen (aka Instant Noodles) and some pretty decent fried chicken. Chicken and beer, ahhhh... made me think of the Cali days!

Afterwards, the main venue of the night came. Armed with liquor and wine, the 5 of us sang, drank just like old times. We even had chicken wings in the room from the BBQ Chicken place.

The only quirky thing was that apparently, we had to reserve the dice ahead of them - booking a room does not guarantee that there will be dice. Had we known, we'd bring our own... hahahahha.

It was great though being to just sing and, well at some point, yell... lol. Haven't done that in quite awhile. $35 a person wasn't too bad at all for a fun night of reminiscing of old times.

(yes, 3 drink limit definitely broken here... again)