Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whistler Wkend Part II: Ski Day

Been awhile... but here's Part II of Whistler...

It was pretty amazing I have to say. First off, we were so close to the base of the mountain... We got our gear, and walked outside and there we were - right at the base of Blackcomb lifts.

The lifts went pretty quickly, but they still took 10 to 15 minutes to go up. The cool thing about this lift we went on was it had a little shell that you can put over to block the wind and such. Pretty nifty idea I think.

The first run of the day was interesting. We went down maybe a quarter of the hill, and then we ALL had to stop and take a break. My legs were burning by the time we rested... which was probably maybe 2 minutes or so. We did make it down though - but man was it tiring! We went on a few other runs -- there was this one where the snow was up to the boot - it was pretty interesting.

Blues are blacks... this statement is pretty true. I didn't dare myself to go on a black. I was pretty content going on the blue runs. The one thing with this trip is that I realize that my eyesight seem to have gotten worse than it used to. I remember way back I was able to make out the trail signs from pretty far away, but today... no such luck. It was also hard to see a path to go down the hills... I actually had to put on sunglasses so I can see where the bumps were in the snow. I guess I am getting old :P

For dinner, we went to a Japanese restaurant at the village. We had sukoyaki and suomono, sushi, some sake, and some (3 dozen) raw oysters. Almost felt like we had everything from the menu! It was soooo good, especially after a long day's worth of skiing.

Got back to the hotel.. and passed out by 12am... just couldn't keep my eyes open at all!

Great day overall!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Whistler Wkend Part I: En route to Whistler

After the usual Thur night outing in the town of Kirkland, today was the long awaited trip to Whistler!!!

Waking up bright and early at 8ish, we proceeded to board the rental minivan and started going up to Vanc! Stopped by the outlet mall on the way, and after the crossing the border, we went to see the White Rock.

White Rock - a rock that is white. Used to be white because of natural forces, but now painted white every so often because people would put graffiti on it. There is supposedly a story behind this rock, but don't remember anymore.

After the slight detour, we went into Vanc and ate, ate, ate! First we had sushi, then we went to Aberdeen center for some food court little dragon dumplings (which was awesome -- just goes to show how deprived I am here :P), then went to Richmond for some Taiwanese food, where we had this pig knuckle dish (which was really good).

After dinner, we swung out of Vanc, and by 11pm, we have arrived at the Fairmont!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

KFC Night

It's been years since I had some good wholesome chicken. Tempted by the popcorn smell outside my office today, I was reminded friendly that there was a KFC about 5 minute drive from where I was...

So I drove and got a 8 pieces of chicken..walking out of there like a champion! :D

Got home, started devouring it... wuhahaha

3 pieces later... I feel FAT!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Ski Session in the West Coast

After having wanted to go since last year, today the stars and moon aligned.... and off to skiing it was!

First time west coast skiing experience. In many ways similar, in some ways different.

Weirdness #1 - Getting the rentals
So they are extremely weird here... I get my boots, then walk over to get the skis. When I am there, the person tells me to give them a shoe... Hrmm... Shadddddy...
Sidenote: They might have as well not asked to take my shoe off for them to set the skis up, because the bindings on one of my foot was lose anyway (found this out towards the end of the day... when we were waiting for a bus... yes a bus). Here the whole time I thought it was because I haven't skiied often enough (which is true too :P)

Weirdness #2 - Snow, snow everywhere... only 40 minutes away
Where I was at, there was ZERO snow. If anything, I'd call it slightly mild weather. But 40 minute drive away... BAM! Snow banks, cold air... the whole shibam!

Weirdness #3 - Tricked by Staff
Lift was going to be closed soon - so we went for a final run, thinking we would be able to get one more ride up. We got past the staff closing off the slope, and so we happily thought that we made it... only to get down there and have this other person go "No. We are closed."... wtf?!?!?!

All in all though. It was pretty fun. It's nice to be skiing different slopes. Will go again definitely!

Now... should I or should I not buy skis... .hrmmmm....

Monday, February 02, 2009

Recovered after a Lazzzzzyyy Weekend

After 2 weeks, my body seem to have finally recovered from the Jog of No Return...

This weekend has been good for my body. Rested alot and slept alot. Just today, I had a nap after dinner (just passed out on the couch for 2 hours). And on Saturday, I had slept for 11 hours :D

Boy I am getting old!

Now it's that time again for me to go nite nite...

Mson out.