Sunday, November 29, 2009

Whistler Weekend

Having obliterated the 3 drink limit, I get a wake up call at 1:15pm on Thursday, so I quickly got ready and began the trek up north.

New boots, new skis, new gloves, new poles - Whistler, here I come!

Nothing too eventful today, there was some truck that got sliced in half. Other than that, nothing much except for just alot of driving and some Korean food.

Friday - Ski Day I
It was sooo icy! The boots felt slightly weird to start, but eventually it worked out. First time wearing brand new boots is such a different feeling it seems. By the end of the day, body was sooo in pain - good thing it wasn't from the falling thought. To remedy, went to hot tub... twice! :)

Saturday - Rest Day
Body sooo sore the day before, so just slept in. Waking up at normal time, went downstairs for a nice full service AYCE brunch. They changed my forks and knives with EVERY plate! Talk about class. After the brunch, started reading the Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho (yes, this is like the 5th book I read of the guy) at the lounge sipping my $20 drink! Ended the night with a lobster and steak meal... Mmmmm...

Sunday - Ski Day II + Trek Home
Morning - One last ski. It was alot less icy today, and maybe because I have gotten more used to the slopes, my body was not really sore at all. Went down my first black diamond in Whistler with fellow travel agent - well, we sorta went down it... lol. Did I think 10 runs today, so was pretty good given we were only on the slopes for 4 or 5 hours.
After packing up, drove by to Vanc and decided on having one of my all-time favorite restaurants... Swiss Chalet! Haven't had it for a few years now, and it looks like inflation have gotten to them. The $15 soup, chicken + pie combo is now $16+ :(. But it was still pretty good. The Swiss Chalet sauce is sooo good. Mmmmmmm....

No lil dragon dumplings this time though - decided against it cuz I didn't wanna swing into Richmond... got home at a decent time, and called it a night at 2am...

So ends the whistler weekend in a nutshell.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thxgiving Dinner

Today started with a call in the afternoon that there wasn't enough booze. Then I arrive, and there are 9 bottles of wine. Dam alcoholics... lol

Made a sh*tload of pasta, but not much was eaten because there was just sooo much food. Didn't like the pasta too too much though - something was off about it, but oh welll.

9 bottles of wine later... sooooo broke the 3 drink limit. Again... ... ...

I will pick up this rule again after the new year. One too many times I have gone past the 3 drink limit these last 6 mths... to the point where even quadruple banks won't help... ... ...