Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada's Golden!

After finding out Canada beat Slovakia on Friday, Sunday was the USA vs. Canada final. Deciding to cheer my country on, I drove up at 7am so that I would make it to a bar at 12pm to watch the finals USA vs. Canada in the motherland. Even skipped birthday outings to make sure I wake up on time!

Getting to Vancouver at about 9am, it was pretty early for me. But I was pretty excited. So as we drove towards the place we were meeting up at, it was interesting to see that:
- at 9:00am, not many people were on the streets
- at 9:30am, few people wearing red started showing up at the streets
- at 10:00am, people were already lining up to get into bars...

What a sight! So driving to the bar where we'd meet my fellow tourguide, we get there and there's already a line... a really long line of 100+ at least trying to get in. Waited an hour and a half to get in, but it was pretty worth it because there was an insane amount of big screen TVs. Everywhere we'd turn, there'd be a TV. So at this bar we watch the game unfold. It was a fun time at the bar. There was one american fan - who really stood out among the sea of red and white.
Had 5 pitchers? of beer between the 4 of us - fun times all around. It was a nail-biting, but at the end, we saw Crosby score that one decisive goal, giving Team Canada the win!!!!

Tons of honking and yelling, we get to the sky train terminal to swing by downtown. The atomsphere in downtown and everywhere was intense. Tons of honking, high-fiving - Skytrain had carts singing the national anthem and chanting ole ole ole and we are the champion. Downtown was just awesome - tons of people walking around, streets were closed - people in cars high-fiving people walking by. It was a great decision to come up for the final game.

After a few hours of walking around, all tired out, went back up to Richmond to try to have some lil dragon dumplings. Only to find out all the usual places I know were full. So ended up at a Boston Pizza (another great classic place), ate and then drove back.

All tired from waking up early and cheering away, slept pretty early. Goooo Ca-na-da! Yeeeee-ah!

Also found out that Vanc seemed like it was closer - I wonder if they redid some roads - only took a little bit more than 2 hours to get from point A to point B - interesting considering that I was only 4 miles over the speed limit for most of the trip... Hrmm...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Culture Day - Going to a Symphony

Tonight, grabbed a quick bite in I-district and then went to listen to some live music. As part of culture day, we went to see a symphony.

The highlight though was taking the light rail and the bus system here. The light rail station looks like a miniature subway station! The funniest thing I thought was that the dropoff was really shallow.

Seattle is finally becoming a city!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What happened to my freezer?...

Getting home after work, I decided to finally open up the freezer to use the ground beef that's been in there for 2 weeks+. A little rice, some tomatoes + beef, looking forward to a nice meal.

Getting home, try to open up the freezer, only to find the door stuck!? There goes my grand plan... Trying to get it to open .. turn down the freezer temperature, trying to pry it open, looking online for other great tips... half an hour later, I give up and figure I would just call the help number the next day.

Carrying on and making some quick pasta, watched a little TVB, and then voila, freezer opens up again. Guess all it took was to watch some TVB... lol

Interesting thought though, what would happen if the freezer does freeze over. Would a person have to drain the fridge? Hrm...