Saturday, April 03, 2010

Lil Cous in S.Town

This weekend, my lil cous and aunts and uncle swing by for a day.

Meeting up w/ them on Friday, i take them on a visit to my work place, then we swung into downtown for some food, followed by a visit to the Space Needle.

The next day, waking up bright and early at 10am on Saturday, I swing into downtown and become the tour guide for the day.

The details of the 'Dai Sic Lan' tour....
10:00am - Meet up at starting point (the SAM)
10:15am - Actually starting the downtown tour.. walking around the waterfront and pike's place
11:00am - Stop by and eat some Piroshky's
11:30am - Stop by the famous Chowder place (Uncle 6 ends up ordering 1 each - guess I should have warned him more)
12:05pm - Brazillian Grill Buffet
1:00pm - Say bye bye as they swing back up to Vanc to catch a flight.

Pretty good tour guide = me.. n'est pas? :D