Sunday, July 25, 2010

Todo Complete: Air Conditioner - Purchased!

after 3 years of talking about getting an air conditioner, today this was completed.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Volunteer Day - Sculpture Park Prisoner Labor

Woke up bright and early today to do the 2nd of 4 volunteering outings for Seattle Works. The last one (at Women's Jubilee Center) was all about cleaning and vacuuming... Even though they were simple tasks, it seemed pretty worthwhile to do because it felt like it would help the place and make it feel like an even nicer place to live in.

So today, in the hot sunny outdoors, we arrived at the sculpture park at the Seattle Arts Museum. The task of the day... weeding. We ended up weeding 3 areas, under the sunny cloudless sky for 3.5 hours+. Water breaks probably around every hour...

During this time, I can't help but feel like those prisoners in the movies, where they go to a field and hammer at white rocks (or in my case, go to a big field, and pull out weeds). The tools we were given were a pair of gloves... and that was it. The 12 or so of us weeeded out buckets and buckets of weeds with our hands - you'd think we'd get those small little shovels or what not to dig at the ground. Not only would we have been more efficient, it would also have been less tiring. The bigger issue I had was that we were weeding what seemingly looked like areas that were pretty obscure - didn't seem rewarding at all. Also, these weeds really would just grow back, so this is an endless task really.

The good part of the day started after 2pm, when it was bye-bye time and we hit a bar that served Sangria (sponsored by our awesome volunteer leaders :P).

To top off the night, an IMO night was called during our time in the fields, and it turned out pretty fun - a few of the folks that we volunteered w/ came out, and the usual crowd. Even amidst all this, the 3 drink limit was observed (as usual) :).