Sunday, November 28, 2010

My 3rd course...

Can't help but feel like I am climbing a mountain here.

Will need to conjure up magic to get this done... so much magic....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Slip and Slide

Seeing alot of snow for the first time in a few years in

Seeing snow again is nice - there's a certain serene feeling to it.

On the way home though, it was a wild ride back. Slid 3 times in 30 minutes on the way back.

Slide #1: Sliding past a stop sign
- that was interesting indeed. Slid just right past it... it was like the brake didn't work.

Slide #2: Sliding sideways
- 2nd slide of the night. I am going maybe 10 mph, stopping in front of a light. Then sliiiiidee to the right the car goes. That was just weird in how the car just slid sideways... you'd think car's going forward, brake going downwards, where's the momentum to slide sideways??? But slide I did..

Slide #3:
- Deciding to take the main street back, I make a right turn onto it and then I see two cars parked sideways - with their wheels locked on the curb, a ton of cars on the other side not moving, and a car on the lane next to me not moving in the middle of the road.... so naturally I also stop my car there and watch. After a few minutes, I roll down the window and ask "What's going on"... the lady goes, not sure, but thinks that the other two cars couldn't go up the hill and see parked their car like that, and that she's afraid to drive up the hill. So hearing that, weighing my options, I march forward!

However, I find that in 1st gear, my car's wheels are spinning like crazy and the car was sliding, and there wasn't a chance for me to make it up the hill either. So I kick into my backup plan, make a U-turn and go the other way! With the cop car passing by me, I turn my steering wheel fully, step on the gas, and U-turn we go!! Over steered a little bit, and my car pointed right towards the lady I was talking to earlier!... Good thing there was some buffer so I was at least a couple car lengths away (I can only imagine how freaked out the lady was to see a car with headlights pointed directly at her...) but it worked, now that I am downhill, I steered away and back on the right side of the road.

What an adventurous drive. Slide #3 definitely had my heart pounding...

I think I have forgotten how to drive in the snow - either that or it was just a skating rink out there today. Good thing all 3 times there were no car around.