Sunday, December 26, 2010


Another year, another yearly tradition.

This year, I finally make Armageddon. Driving out at night to attend this yearly tradition, it was really nice to see everyone and also meet a ton of new people.

Also marks the first time I have broken the '3 drink limit' since 1/1/2010. Obliterated in less than two hours with all them boat races and dice games that were going on. It was just too nostalgic and fun... it's not a matter of losing control, but really just a conscious choice to. Yes, sounds irresponsible, but there's a reason to everything isn't there...

It's dangerous to revisit the past, because we could get stuck in it - but it's great to go back in time and relive the good parts of the past every so often. Not only do you get to relive these moments, but you can also be reminded of the lessons that you have learned. As we get older, more responsibilities and what not might prevent us from doing so. So until that happens or new events in our life comes about, treading into the past is alright right?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Touristy Day - Movie and Medieval Times

Today's plan - Dave n Busters, Movie, then medieval times! A day packed of events.

Waking up late, we couldn't do DnB - but walking around Yorkdale randomly was more fun than I'd imagined. Maybe it's the lights, or just the people around. Felt very festive!

Little fockers was ok funny. For some reason I didn't think it was as funny as the ones before (though it was still good). I would dub this one airplane worthy.. hahaha. The theater wasn't packed, but there were much more annoying people in there than I remembered theaters would have...
1) Annoying little kids at the back kicking the chair
These I remembered. It was ok I guess because they stopped once the movie began.
2) Little immature 14 year olds
Throughout the movie, these little 14 year olds or so next to us who were all excited whenever they saw a girl come up on screen or hear the word 'sex'.
3) a baby crying
I mean really?! A baby crying... just what would the baby get out of watching Little Fockers???
4) Phones and Kids
Some kid who obviously didn't see the beginning of the movie where they tell you to switch off the cell phone. That or the kid's too dumb to know how to use the silent feature on their phone. The best part I thought was that the kid even answered the phone (after it rang so the whole theater heard them)... twice.

Is this the new generation of kids these days? Ahh.. maybe I am getting too old.

On the other hand, saw a preview of the new Adam Sandler movie coming out in Feb... exccccited!

For Medieval Times, got tricked into looking at the 'Dungeon'... which turns out to be a 5 minute walk around some torture equipment. The show was alot faker than I remembered it, though the plot was alot better than I remembered. All-in-all worth the trip.

To end the night, went to check out ex-Seattle buddy's place downtown. Pretty nice!

Thanks to my tour guides and my 'chauffer' for this touristy day!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My 3rd course ... completed!

Done done done!

Another one down ... 5 more to go...