Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thxgiving Weekend: Dad's 60th

With the mad dashes around the airport completed, time for the weekend full of fun...

First Night:

With Hermie picking me up from the airport, we proceed to go visit my dad to give him his first surprise. Me :)... wuhahaha. Supposedly I was suppose to be web cammed in for the dinner, so instead of that, we'd show up in an 'ipad frame' to walk in with as the birthday card (I mean, what fun is just a regular birthday card right?). I have to say, the idea worked nicer than I imagined. The frame was also built very well :).

The cake was pretty tasty too!

Day 2: Private Home Dinner
Waking up at the usual time (2pm)... realized half the day was done already. So off to prepare the 9 course home made meal.

The menu:

Also was able to squeeze in an hour with some Waterloo buddies. Even if it was only for an hour, it was great!

Day 3: Dinner with all
9 bottles of wine, 2 tables of good food, good company. Fun times!

Happy Birthday! :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Made it!

With 5 minutes to spare.. I make it onto the flight. woohoo!

This the morning of Thxgiving

Flight delays... will see if I can mad dash it to my connecting...

25 minutes to cross concourse... weeeee

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Software Entrepreneurship Course Thoughts

With this whole course and finding out there are a bunch of people who have their own businesses... makes me wonder - how many years will it take to get this experience and to be successful at it. And is all this work worth whatever they had traded off to get to where they are today. How much freedom do they get to enjoy life once they are there.

Am I really comfortable where I am now, or should I try to be even more comfortable (though as of today, my latest random experiment have failed miserably... hahaha). A hamster in them wheels, vs. ... .. . ?

Anyhow, each week literally there are milionaires walking giving their spheel. It's pretty cool to see these folks take the time to give a lecture to us.

Also, what Bill G said does ring home a little bit (this is from one of the colloquiums). Sure, tens of millions will make alot of things more convenient. But once you become super rich,

"A burger is still a burger." - pretty true. I don't need billions... just millions :)

Colloquia Blitz

3 colloquias down... 1 more to watch...

These ones are pretty interesting actually...

Also need to start doing them homework... .. .