Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hmwk Hmwk Hmwk

... having to do homework every week sucks a55!.... ... .. .

Sunday, January 02, 2011

End of the TO Trip

After one last K outing the night before, today was the day I went back to the west coast. The airport lineups were really long - much longer than usual. The cool part was that during the security clearance, I was picked for some ion check thingy machine... which let me jump the line! I wonder if its because I look like I was gonna be a quick one to get through security (since I wasn't all over the place and had that bored look on my face.. hahaha) - but because of that, I easily got back 20 minutes of my life. Good stuff!

As always, I meet more new people in these 2 weeks than in 1 year in Seattle! I still find this very surprising year after year. What is so different about these two places?! Good at finding facts, but bad at using them... .. .