Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Raj's Going Away: Step 2 - Rockbox

So we went to Rockbox tonight... twice! First was the big room, then when we lost it, alot of people had left, but those remained, some went to another bar, and some just stayed and got a smaller room.

Nothing to different here than a normal outing. Drank, sang, etc. etc.

Oh, apparently got some discount this night... woohoo!

Fun timessssss...

Raj's Going Away: Step 1 - Pizza Hut...

As always with any day, one of the toughest part was trying to decide what I wanted to eat for dinner. With more and more thinking, suddenly realized I was out of time as I was heading into S.Town for some Karoake...

So I get a text from Raj to pick him up, and then I thought, perfect. Pick him up, hit up Pizza Hut (which I craved), then jump on the I90 and head in... all in ~30 minutes.

Only thing was if I sat down then ordered, I would not make it (since it takes 15 min to get there, and probably 15 min to eat). So my creativity kicks in - I would call them and order as I was driving there.

I can only imagine the surprise the person on the phone had when I went, can I order now and then sit down at the restaurant and eat... and then also ask her to run off the menu over the phone... lol. Pretty nice girl to put up with it. Nevertheless, ended up being able to order off the phone.

Though when I got there, apparently she told me that their uptight manager doesn't allow for this kind of service (call in for a sit down dinner). But luckily, the food was made and prepared. So then I went, yup, I would like to sit down, so they took the pizzas and wings out of their boxes and plated it. I thought that was pretty silly... but oh well. I got what I wanted, they got business, no one gets hurt.

Overall, pretty awesome service I thought - though the manager should probably rethink a bit in terms of why they can't handle sit down orders off the phone - when the place was so empty... .. .

Onto Rockbox...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lecture lecture lecture

Listening ... listening ... Zzzz... listening ...

(this was the makeup lecture that I replayed since I was in TO the last week)... .. .

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Day Before the Flight

After the outing to be the MC with fellow cousin, went for one final K outing before heading back to S-town.

As always, I meet more new people in one night than in one year in S-town... but that's a given. Sometimes it makes me wonder what/where my priorities are.

Interestingly enough, some catching up and chatting did make me think of a few things - will take a little time to digest... ... .

One of the best surprises here was seeing an old friend - didn't think I would see her again now that she moved back to HK. One of the nicest people I have probably ever met. It was great to see and talk with her again, knowing she still hasn't really changed all that much after so many years. Definitely a treat!

That and I lost I think 20 in a row to this girl... no matter what game I played with her. That was pretty funny I thought - either I really sucked, or she was really lucky (I think it was the latter)... .. .

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Cousin's TO Wedding Celebration

Today would be the main reason that I stayed an extra week in Toronto for. Missing my cousin's momentous day in HK, the next chance to catch it was in Toronto - and today was the day.

The shark's fin was very well presented - and filling I thought. Comes with the perk of helping out I guess - turns out only the head tables get the upgraded shark's fin. Sweet!

With my trusty sidekick (aka soon-to-be PhD cousin) and this other guy (who must be jet lagged or something), we executed an adhoc MC hosting. It went ok overall. Data phone comes to the rescue to fill up some of the time. I wonder if there's a video of it somewhere.

On another note -
My niece smiles at me!.. yay!.. first time since she learned how to talk.. wuhahahaha! Was playing some put shape in block thing, and she played with me and smiled!

Now onto K...