Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brain Juice

Bought some smart juice today.  After finishing my dinner, I realized why I bought it... must have been me subconsciously needing some inspiration :).

Makes me wonder.. .I wonder if there really does exist something as a subconscious.  ie. People do things even though they don't know why, but just 'know' or feels right to do at that moment in time.  Can there really be things that people do that we can make sense of it alot later, or even never realize why we did it?  Or no such as a subconscious exist exist and really we are just trying to find a justification or excuse for actions that we spontaneously decided to do without thinking about the consequences... Hrmm...

But back to the topic at hand... once it dethaws... let's see what happens.
Will it still be like the old days where it makes me smart?.. hahaha.

A Master's Student with a Bachelor's Mindset

So today I was trying to decide whether to do an optional assignment.

Pulling some bachelor's math, realized if I didn't do the assignment, I would need a 65% on that last project I am doing to hit that 80 mark...

Me != Master student at all.. .hahahaha

One more week..  one more week.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mashiko.. Once more

Another month, another appearance at Mashiko.  This time the food was pretty much the same as last time.  I really gotta start writing down what they serve.  Maybe I will start recording them.

As my graduation reward for myself, I think I will book the 2 week in advance Omakase and try it out. Mmmm... I wonder what kind of food they'd serve... and what kind of tab that would run... hahahaha

Pear with some fish

abalone (body, intestine, et. al) Oysters

Clam? baby shrimp on top of a melon?

spearfish in some sauce Albacore Poke

Salmon Tartar 3 pieces of sushi

Mackerel + Rice Abalaone Dish

Rosated Oysters Forgot :(

Seafood Pancake Fried apple with Cinamon and Frosting Served with Ice Cream

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another parking ticket

Demo Today Parking $2.50
Parking Ticket $44
Finding out there was no take home finals... Priceless! :)

I have to say I don't mind parking tickets. I am now 3 for 5 in terms of good things that happen.

Though technically, today was a so-so day... :(...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

3 more weeks..

June 1st... it should all end by then!