Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and Stuck in Traffic :(

Wanted to celebrate Halloween wearing our costumes to a bar.  Afterall, we did spend quite some time getting it together and planning :P.

However, leaving work, got stuck in motionless traffic... and instead of taking 20 minutes, it took 1.5 hours to get across the bridge.  Being super agitated from traffic, didn't end up dressing up but instead just went as normal.

Did end up going for some oysters at Taylor shellfish.. but the price went up $2-4 a dozen for most types... I guess it's no longer in season :(.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Weekend

A few weeks ago, we decided to dress up as Kiki and Lala for Halloween. So today we went about trying to get to it work. For those who don't know, Kiki flies on a nimbus and Lala is good at making soup (for more info, see here)

To create this set, the following is needed:
- two white gowns
- wigs (a blue and a pink one)
- 'nimbus' (cardboard in the shape of a star)
- Lala's wand (spachelor with a star covering it)

- Found a white suit :). So Kiki is now formal Kiki.
- As such, Lala has to up her attire and wear a dress
- Wigs. Surprisingly hard to find, found a blue one and a pink one. Success - Nimbus, found an inflatable balloon with a string
- Lala's wand. Simple enough :)

Now as we were putting on the costume, we had to make some on the fly adjustments:
1) Since we found a suit, Kiki no longer wearing a robe. Formal Kiki is borne!
2) The blue wig looked really bad on me, as did the pink of PhD friend... so we swapped and we both concurred it looks a bit better (for both).
3) Nimbus, the cardboard was a lot of work.  But as I strolled through Walgreens, I found a balloon and voila - the nimbus is borne.  Even better was that because it was on a string, by pinning it on my clothes, when I ran, it would dragged behind a bit so it was trailing me.

So net is Kiki now has pink hair, and Lala now has blue hair. Final Result of Kiki shown on the right...  Formal Kiki, dressed like Lala.  Lol...

Surprisingly, there were one or two people who could actually tell who we were. Very impressed...

PS. If you are bursting out laughing at how I look with pink hair on, just imagine how I'd look with blue hair that looks like the style of Sailor Mercury... on me...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mashiko... Another Outing

Next time I will definitely write down the names of each dish I have... For now, pictures will have to do.

Oyster on Half Shell Scallop with Asian Pear

Tofu in fish broth with Uni on top

Tuna poke salad salmon tartar with quail egg

sushi (seared black cod)

Monday, October 08, 2012

First Canadian Thanksgiving Meal in the US

Brushing off a bunch of late work chats, I headed towards Seattle for a 20 lb turkey meal. Big turkey.. lots of wine. My first Canadian Thanksgiving in the States now that I think about it. Yummmyyyy!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

MS Soccer Season 1: Super Uber Invincibles: First Achievenmnet Unlocked!

Our team scored our first goal!  Yeaaaaa!

We still lost I think 5-1 or 6-1... but a month and a couple new players later... achievement unlocked!

Onto the next goal... to win a game... .. .

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

First Attempt at a Cake and Canlis

Today (well yesterday) was the first day I attempted to make a cake. After looking up ideas for it during a few meetings, I figured it would be easy. Turns out a fruit cake is not as simple as it looks. Final result shown :).. It's the effort that counts right?

After presenting my cake, we went to Canlis - a fancy fine dining restaurant. Trying to make it a surprise, I didn't disclose where we were going... but then we got lost... lol.

At the end, it was her who ended up pointing us to the entrance of the restaurant... There goes the surprise :).

We got some pretty good seats, not to mention the table swirled and moved! And the service was pretty good. They even had the scraper thing to get bread crumbs off the table.

We ordered a couple things from the menu... The most memorable one for me was the desert :). The famous duck dish tasted like a peking duck, but not as good as one you would get from Vanc or Toronto.

Also, a side note. I don't take nearly enough pictures of us... gotta start doing that more.