Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner #2 - Ham

Went to dinner with the Waterloo group today.  Doris always prepares and has some of the most interesting games.  And the best part, there are prizes for winning!

With my awesome teammate, we won packs of Pocky and also the Blue Can Biscuits.  The games:
- Putting on a bunch of clothes of the other gender's clothes ... in a race against time
- Being fed a banana... blindfolded

Goes without saying, no one was close to beating me at eating half a banana :).

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Candelight Thanksgiving Dinner

A Thanksgiving feast for two.

The menu:
- Miso soup with Enoki (especially made for me)
- Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Bits
- Spaghetti with Tomato sauce
- A 12 lb Turkey (free range) that I hand picked
- Vegetables used to stuff the Turkey
- Apple Pie
The verdict:
Marvellous and delicious :). The turkey (which I helped pick and ahem...cook :P), was tasty. Moist and cooked juuuust right. The carving was also top notch. The miso soup was also extremely good... in fact, all the courses were good. Also made my apple pie for the first time in a few years. Used butter instead of vegetable shortening this time (because I couldn't find any at Fred Meyer or Safeway)... the crust was not as flaky, but the bottom held up pretty well. Biggest ever pie made yet!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Space Needle - Hawaii Funds Begin

5 months in, time to revisit the place I was suppose to be 5 months ago... the Space Needle :). With both of us dressed in our orange attire, this time not only did we dress like it, we went inside!

To make things even better, the special of the day was a large steak :). A nice big piece of Tomahawk... Yummm... I have never seen such a way of eating steak. It was pretty tasty!

After dinner and two rotations around and a bit, we started up towards the observation deck. We walked outside for a bit, but it was super cold. So we walked the lonnng way back indoors. As part of walking around the observatory deck, we grabbed a souvenir. Once the tower becomes full.. Hawaii.. here we come!

Happy 5 months!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Costco Raid

Ran out of garbage bags a week or so ago... and so the day has come for me to replenish this super useful commodity... Using one of them Costco gift cards given to me by my aunt a couple years ago, I walked in by myself.. and started loading up :)

As I was looking though, the prices at Costco isn't THAT much cheaper than regular Safeway and QFC.  But nevertheless, purchase success!