Saturday, July 28, 2012

Soccer Tournament... the first in years

Was excited about today.  A double header and my body in relatively positive form (ankles and rib area pretty much healed). 

So arrived at the first one late (since I didn't read the email properly).  But I did play... got close to scoring a goal throughout the game... so after being subbed back in towards the end (with our team winning already), went for a ball that if I got it, would mean a breakaway.

A reckless challenge (on my part)... and bam!... the guy on the other team went flailing... but as he came down, he caught the tendon/muscle below my right knee.  I couldn't even stand up for a bit after this collision :(. 

Didn't end up playing the second game... since I couldn't even put weight on it.  Aiiii... getting old sucks!

(x-ray reveals the bones are in tact.. but this will probably take a few weeks to get better)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Tourist Destination Discovered!

The place - Taylor Shellfish farms.  One word: Yummmmm-my!

This place is in Capitol Hill, and have some decent deals (espeically for happy hour).  The oysters is pretty decent, and definitely worthy of being penciled in as once of the tourist destinations on my list in the future!

Afterwards, went to Spinasse and had a goat dish - which was really really delicious.  Good day indeed!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Watching Fireworks... at Ray's Boathouse :P

July 4th day (no long vacation this year because it landed on a Wednesday).

Spent the day hanging out, and went to Ray's boathouse for dinner.  After finishing eating dinner, watched fireworks.. from Ray's boathouse.. heh heh heh

It was pretty cool actually.  From Ray's you can actually see a couple places shooting fireworks along the coast.  Didn't realize that many fireworks show go on during this time.