Monday, May 27, 2013

Week in Toronto

A week (and a bit) in Toronto (5/16 to 5/26)...
5/17: Family Dinner
My lil nephew looking gooooood! :).  Kee kee kee

5/18:Making Dinner
Good deal on lobsters. So I made it... and ate it with Hermie and his lil friend/wife.  Mmmm...

5/19: Tracie's Wedding
The Polish tradition: Shot of vodka for each person entering the reception... that might be a tradition I may need to incorporate into mine :P
5/25: Dinner with Cous's
See both my niece and nephew!  And PhD cousin too! 

I was asked to dress nicer and not sport my normal PJ attire - so I spotted on a tie... only to be banned from wearing it before the guests showed up :(.

Rest of the week - catching up, dinners, lunches and bars at various places of my choosing... wuhahaha :)

Net result: 10 lbs heavier... .. A pound a day?  Have I become the arch-nemesis of Jenny Craig?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Movie Day Before Vacation :)

Work today consisted of
a) 10am early showing of Star Trek at a movie theater
b) Breakfast of popcorn and coke
c) Lunch of little dragon dumplings

Then got back in to wrap up a few things, and off I go prepare for my flight back home.  A red eye flight... barely watched any movies.  Sleepppy.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ucluelet Adventure - Day II

Ucluelet Day II.  It was misty and rainy quite a bit.  With the watersport plan and hopes dashed, we set out to eat brunch :).  Huge portions, lots of food.

Then we went to check out the Pacific Rim.  The pacific rim trail there looks really nice to hike.  It was super rainy though, so we didn't actually hike the trail.  But I can only imagine how nice it would be to be hiking alongside the water, and just seeing that mountain and ocean as you walk along the path that is right on the edge.

The super rainy-ness does make it a pretty cool sight though.  The water was crashing up against the rock, and it almost looked like those stormy ship movies (apparently I hear the other thing people do around Ucluelet is storm watching... I can see why)

For dinner, we went to Norwood restaurant.  Delicious.  It wasn't too pricey either.  The desert was really yummy.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Ucluelet Adventure - Day I

So having arrived the night before to Vancouver, we woke up early this morning to drive to get onto the ferry to Nainamo.  The destination today is Ucluelet - a place on the west side of Vancouver island and what they call near the Pacific Rim (ie. touching the Pacific ocean).

The unit we stayed at was pretty good.  The deal came up on Groupon (or was it Living Social?), and it was a unit with a private outdoor hot tub outside, and an unit facing water and mountains... Waaaa.  Ballller!  Groupon deal for the win!  (The picture is the view from right outside the unit).

First thing we did once we got there?... Take a nap :).  It was a long drive and ferry - almost 6 hours in commute to get here.  Unfortunately though, this weekend the weather wasn't too great and it is forecasted to be gloomy and raining all weekend :(. 

As an aside, loading up on groceries at a convenience store.. They REALLY jack up the prices - $3.59 for coke?!.. talk about tricking tourists!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Salty's... 35+ oysters later.. Mmmm...

Lil Friend's friend from HK came down for training, and of course being the perfect tour guides we took her to Salty's (since she liked oysters).  All you can goodness.... Mmmm... Easily chowed down 35+ oysters.  Happy day :)

Afterwards, did some canoeing...