Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mashiko! With French PhD

Significant other of French PhD came to visit, and Lil Friend decides that it would be a good idea to go to Mashiko for some Omakase experience.  I concur :) - Mmmmm…

 Kumamoto oyster with ponzu sauce
 Scallop with Fuji Apple Suomono
 Rainbow trout sashimi with soy sauce
 Sea Snail
Baby shrimp, blanched asparagus, miso paste
Shingoku, bonito flakes, chrysanthemum
White king salmon tartar
Albacore Toro with Garlic and Scallions on top, Shiso Leaf Tempura on the Bottom
Poached oyster with red onion
Tuna poke and tako salad

Sushi - Maguro, salmon, herring, Spotted mackerel (sawara), roe 
Iwashi (local spotted sardine), and fried bone
Clams with uni butter
Spotted mackerel with miso glaze
Abalone and Rice in a clay pot, with green tea leaves
Green tea and strawberry mochi

Haven't been here for a few months,  4 masus later... awesome experience :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Charmanders FC - #1 in Conference

With the other team playing earlier and ending up losing, there was a chance for us to jump from 3rd place to 1st place in our conference. 

We started the game pretty bad, and was down 1-0 on a fluke goal at around the 25 minute mark.  The rest of the first half was pretty bad as well.  We were just lobbing balls around, not converting chances, running all over the place.

Second half though we picked up the pace, ran hard and scored a goal 20 minutes in, and then scored another one at around the 30th minute to go up 2-1.  That would be the final score.

With that, we clinch first place!  First time ever.  Next stop, semi-final (and hopefully finals)…

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Frog Legs Dish

First time making frog legs.  It tasted good.  Success!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

22 Month Anniversary at The Capitol Grill

My calendar today was marked with a Surprise Day.  I love surprises :). 

The plan today as it turns out was to go to the Hama Hama Oyster Rama.  A 2.5 hour drive towards Olympia.  However, when we woke up, it turned out that the weather was pretty wet and chilly… so instead we had our oyster rama at Taylor Shellfish instead.  Wuhahaha.  Taking the bus there, we would eat a bunch of oysters, and also the geoduck sashimi.  One of these days, we need to go to an oyster farm.  Perhaps this is the year I will do it in Washington (since I have talked about it for multiple years now!

The item to note was the geoduck sashimi we had today vs. the night before at Maneki.  Taylor Shellfish definitely cut it nicer (and thinner), but today they had very little geoduck sashimi (it almost seemed like half the plate was missing!).  While Maneki had served a lot more, but the cut was a bit thicker.  For me, I think I liked the thicker cut, but it did come at the cost of a little bit of texture.  Ahhh, if only there was more.

For the dinner surprise, we drove towards Benihana, and for a second I thought that was the surprise dinner.  But I knew it couldn't be, especially since earlier this week I was just there.  We ended up stopping a block from it… and then I realized that we were actually valet parking.  The place: Capitol Grille

This was I think the first (or maybe second) time I have been there.  The first time (if I have), was a couple years back for someone's birthday - since they loved their steaks.  That time though, I didn't remember the service being all that great.  This time though, the service was definitely spectacular.  The lady that served us was amazing, and was pretty awesome.

So we walk in, and the first thing is that they greeted us with our name (last name), took our coats, and then led us to the table (note: technically it was just lil friend's last name, and they assumed we had the same last name).  Nothing special yet, but from then on, things started picking up.

Our server greets us, then asks if we wanted to try their cocktail drink (pineapple infused vodka).  We went no (since we were gonna have wine anyway and I was really a fan of vodka).  She went, oh, ok… but then later she came back with two small glasses and gave us a taste anyway, saying that "oh, you have try it, even if it is just a little bit".  What a nice lady.  Not only that, she also asked if it was a special occasion.  Shy lil friend says no, and of course I went, yes, it is - it is our anniversary :).  So the lady went oh, congratulations…. Then later she comes back and throws some red hearts on to the table, and gives us a hand signed thank you for celebrating your anniversary with us card.  She starts chatting with us more and asks - 'oh how long has it been', and to that I reply proudly 22 :).  She must have thought we were crazy… lol.  To top it all off, she even comp'ed us dessert (which had happy anniversary etched with chocolate on the plate), and we also got a picture.  What service!

The meal itself was yummy. The steak (I had a demonic) was huge, and was done really well.  We also had the lobster mac and cheese, and also the wild mushrooms as sides, but we couldn't finish it.  Lil friend had a porterhouse, which I would definitely have wanted to eat the remains of, but I was already so full from the steak, and the sides, and the calamari appetizer (which was huge!).

The best part of the night was that it turns out we had a $50 coupon for the place (another surprise!).  Great deal, great service, yummy food.  Perfecto!

Happy 22 months! :D

Monday, April 07, 2014

Super Sleepy…

Soldier Mson Day.  Landed, drove straight to work.  But with only 4 hours of sleep in the last 2 days, I was much less effective and super tired.  Somehow though I was able to last till the end of the day.

In hindsight, I was actually pretty tired this entire weekend.  I think with the jet lag, the work last couple weeks, and the late outings this weekend, Solider Mson couldn't march on at the usual pace.  Perhaps this is a sign of aging?

This weekend though was good fun times.  In another 2 months, it will repeat again…haha

Sunday, April 06, 2014

4/4 to 4/6 BBW LAX Weekend

After an interview on Friday, proceeded to head towards the airport to get to LAX.  Leaving at 3:05pm, luckily the traffic didn’t pick up fully yet and I was able to get to the airport area in 45 minutes - well before my 5pm flight.  Armed with TSA precheck, and my reservation for airport parking (which I was lucky to have, as the lot was actually full… first time that's ever happened), it was in no time that I was at the gate.

Started the night with some drinks, then some food, then the usual.  Got back to the hotel late.. not remembering most of it the next morning.. Haha.  3 drink limit broken for sure.  

On Saturday, HHH flew in on a whim to join the festivities.  He arrived to see the common sight of basically everyone sleeping (just like when I arrived yesterday), and just like the old days…

Sunday we drank some half yards at the yard house after watching the game.  Then had a pretty chill evening as things were winding down.  Had some deep conversations at 3am in the morning, then at 4am, off I headed to the airport.