Wednesday, July 30, 2014

One Beer - Good Things Come

- First time in weeks that calling State farm actually didn't require n times redirecting or useless convos
- Law firm calls me (instead of me calling them)
- Got my towing fees reimbursed
- Won $5 coupon for food

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Car Accident

And to add insult to injury.  I get a ticket for this??  Really .. Sigggghhhh

Not going to put the details here.  Would just rather forget it - it was not a fun day.
For 2 hours I sat waiting inside the car.  An hour+ minutes by myself.  Tow truck finally comes at 12:50pm…
Apparently after hot spells, the roads become very slick because of the oils once it cools down.

On a nicer note, the heat is working!  So we march on through with the deal.

Will need to also change insurance providers.  Pretty ridiculous to have to wait 3 hours for a tow truck, and 2 hours of phone calls (5 different departments) to get this sorted out.  I was already disappointed last time, this will now be on the top of my priority list to actively move off.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mashiko - July Edition :)

Kunamoto oysters
Geoduck with sea salt, shiso
Hawaii White mackerel (Ono).. With tempura lotus roots n tomato
Rainbow trout with ponzu sauce n shiso
Tombo poke (Hawaii albacore), Poached abalone and Yellow fin tuna tartar (not shown) 
Scallop, yellow fin tuna, king salmon, albacore
Saba pressed sushi, with miso paste on top
Hand massaged Tako, Nato, Korean seaweed with Red miso
Sushi - Shrimp, Skip Jack, Sanma, Herring
Albacore Toro
Alaskan  Rockfish
Salmon kama

and for desert, Mochi (not shown)

Also learned the drink theorum
"you should enjoy the drink, don't let the drink enjoy you"

Fun fun times!  No drinking streak ends at 7 days.  Let's try harder…

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Resolutions begin

A) Cut down on drinking.  Shall go no drinking until my birthday
B) Reduce amount of times eating out

Ready.. Set… Go!

On another note, I almost missed my connecting flight today as I went to the wrong gate.  Caused me to be all sweaty and heart beating really fast as I trekked across the concourse.  This must be a sign that I need to stop flying for a little while.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Week in T.O.: Ivory and Law's Wedding

After a morning dim sum, went home, watched the game and waited to be picked up.  Being super responsible, I had arranged to not drive tonight.  As we looked into how far it was, we realized there was a ton of time - so we decided that we would go and take a pit stop at ChaTime on the way there.  Best choice ever!  Had the Honey Aloe tea, and it was decent.  Next time I will have to try their one of their top 10 favorites.

The wedding and the venue was really beautiful.  The wedding itself transitioned smoothly from event to event, and I found out later on that a lot of the pieces were hand made by Ivory.  That must have took A LOT of time. 

One of the best slideshow ever at the wedding…
After the ceremony, it was photos and reception time.  While the bride and groom was out taking photos, the guests were thinking, hrmm… the Holland and Croatia game is going on, I wonder what the score is.  With people being very connected with the world through smartphones, it turns out that it was tied and extra time was going on.  Conveniently there was a TV playing a slideshow, conveniently it was plugged into the internet, and conveniently there was a mouse and a keyboard… After a few clicks, voilà, the best slideshow ever at a wedding started showing.  Within minutes, 30 to 40 people were watching this 'slideshow'.. Lol. 

At some point, the staff came by and approached the group and asked "did the bride and groom agree to this?".  Then pointing to uncle, replied: "the dad's right here"… and then the staff smiled and went "ok, just be sure to switch it back after" :).   Hahahaha.  Thank you uncle for entertaining the guests!

And so, we ended up being able to watch the remaining 15 minutes of the game, all the way to the last PK when a big cheer came through.

Best. Slideshow. Ever. (at a wedding).

Towards the end of the dinner, we were asked to go outside to watch the first dance take place.  The groomsman were waving sparklers as the song was going on.  It was nice and pretty, but then at the end of the dance, fireworks started coming out from somewhere far away.  At first, I thought it was just some kids shooting fireworks.. But then more came, and a song started playing, and I realized - woah, the fireworks are for this wedding!  A whole song worth of fireworks, complete with a finale.  That was pretty cool.  I feel bad for the next couple who will be having a wedding after seeing this.  It is like Hermie's wedding when he played the piano and sang Bruno Mars live during his dinner.

The night festivities was pretty low key (relative to the recent outings).  It was really fun to catch up and see a bunch of friends.

Congrats Ivory and Law!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Week in T.O.: Soccer Game and BBQ

Treated like a king at CS buddy's place, with her bf as the maître'D, we watched the Argentina vs. Switzerland game.  It was pretty relaxing and fun :).

After the game, went back home to see Lil Nephew playing in the backyard trying to move water from bucket to bucket.  He is getting cuter and sneakier by the day.. Hahaha.