Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lil Cousin in town!

My Lil cousin was in town for a couple days.  So good big cousin me took her to the Space Needle!

It was a decent day too - so the view out was pretty good.

No tomahawk today though :(.  Was sooo hoping for that.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

TO Trip - Neko's Wedding 3/16 to 3/22

Haven't been back for awhile - ever since September actually.  So figure this time I will come back and spend some time in TO.

Part I: Lost Luggage Saga
On the way there, I decided that I would do the whole luggage check-in thing.  Just because I thought I wasn’t in too much of a rush, and wouldn't mind not having to lift luggage up and down (having only done that quite a bit the last couple months).  But lo and behold, Air Canada FAILS!!!  When I landed in Toronto, I waited for an hour and half and my luggage was no where to be seen.  Turns out they never put my luggage on the plane...

Pretty incompetent if you think about it.  This was a baggage check in at the gate, and they can't even put the luggage into the plane that was right next to it.  FAIL Air Canada... Fail.  To make it worse, it turns out that it wasn’t just my luggage that was not put on the plane, but most of the gate checkin baggages didn't make it.  So ended up having to call their dumb hotline where basically they had no updates.  The worst part was that my suit was in there, which I needed for attending the wedding.

So next day they delivered me my luggage in the afternoon - or so they say.  The guy dropped it and asked me to sign for it... and I went no.  Why? ...Because it wasn't mine.  The guy kept saying that this was my luggage for a couple minutes... then I turned into beast mode and started telling him to show me the receipt, and asked him what part of my name was 'ANDRES' - which was the name of the poor soul's luggage they gave me (there was a sticker blatantly there with a phone number).  Not only was the color off .. grey vs. beige, but even the destination was different.  Finally after the guy actually read the label, he apologized and took it back.  At this point, I knew I was pretty much screwed.

So back to more calling the lost luggage hotline (who had the balls to close my file before my luggage even arrived in my hands).  I sometimes feel bad for these customer service folks - getting yelled at when it's not their fault.

Anyhow, so turns out a couple days later, they finally tracked my luggage.  Apparently, it had wanted to go to Cancun, Mexico.  So thanks to Air Canada, my luggage arrived AFTER the wedding ceremony.  Took them 3 days to get my luggage to me.  What a fail.

Part II: Neko's Wedding
 So since I didn't have the suite that I brought, I ended up picking up a random dress shirt to wear, and wore my high school suit, with pants stretched out on the fly due to my added waistline.  Wasn't the prettiest, but still better than wearing jeans I guess...

The wedding itself was pretty nice.  Had a photo booth running, ran into a few people that I haven't seen in awhile.  They even had a harp!

Didn't really get any good pictures though :(. 

 Congrats Neko!!!

Part III: At Home
So the remainder of the week, I was mostly working remotely, and with lil dragon boy (no longer baby) staying over every so often, I was able to play with him :).  He loved the kangaroo stuffed animal I had and he liked to ride his bike at the park quite a bit.

Also got to catch up with a few friends, and spend some time with family! 

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Ice cream/sorbet day

Recently we bought an ice cream maker, and today was the day we try it out!

First time making ice cream - yummmm.  Blueberry sorbet is sooo yummy!!!