Saturday, April 23, 2016

UW Engineering Day - Breaking Down Kidney Stones Demo

Today I was volunteered to help run a booth for the UW Engineering day. It was a booth that demonstrated how ultrasound can be used to break down kidney stones (at least that's what I got out of it).

The idea is pretty cool, and it was cool that it can be visualized (the setup was that a plate was submerged into water, and by tuning it so that it was at resonant frequency, the water would ripple and the water would 'jump' out. Obviously, once I took over the demo, I made it really jump :P.

The second part of the demo was to relate this 'jumping' effect to that of being able to break down stones with the vibrations.  For that there were test tubes of rocks, and by putting it near where the jumping of the water occurred, one would see the rocks move, thus completely the demo.

Reminded me of Project Batcape.  It was pretty fun I thought.  At one point, I remember a lady coming over and asking about the 'kidney stone' demo.  Hahaha - guess word got around about the demo.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Sushi Kashiba

So after both of us having been basically taken turns not being in S. town, today we finally meet up with the doctor friend I met on the plane 4 months ago.  And what better place to go than Sushi Kashiba - a place we've been wanting to go to but haven't.

Before diving in, a little background - Sushi Kashiba was opened by Shiro and a few others chefs in Seattle.  Yup - the same Shiro that used to be at Shiro!

Shiro is said to the be the Godfather of Seattle Sushi... And we were lucky enough to sneak in for a quick picture with him right when we sat down as the bar was clearing (even though we didn't sit at the bar.  Wuhahahaha!

We had their omakase and it was pretty good.  The fish was pretty fresh.  The Uni and Toro were really good (so I ordered seconds!).

Also got a bunch of Hawaii food recommendations, since Ms. Doc lived in Hawaii for a little bit in the past.

Fun times - need to do this again!

The menu for the night:
- Madai fishcake
- Otoro handroll
- Sushi Part I: Albacore tuna, Tuna, Madai, Hirame (Flounder)
- Sushi Part II: King salmon, Sockeye, Ebi, King Mackerel (over hay), Toro (aburi style), Hokkaido Scallop
- Sushi Part III: Geoduck, Ikura, Uni, Eel
- King crab roll
- Toro and Uni handroll (not part of the omakase - I ordered this separately :) )
- Tamago and Miso

Saturday, April 09, 2016

BJ's Bapa

Finally got a chance to shoot a machine gun!  Di-di-di-di-da!!!

...Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!