Saturday, May 28, 2016

BJ's Wedding

Another trip back to T.O.

This time for two main events.  BJ's Wedding and my lil nephew's celebration of life!

BJ's Wedding - lunch at a bar rooftop in downtown T.O.

Good beer (and drinks), and there was also AYCE oysters for appetizers - where I easily had a dozen :).  At first a few people felt bad taking one or two, but once we started talking, they no longer felt so bad.

The wedding speeches were pretty funny.

After the lunch gathering, we went back to the hotel room to rest, or in our case, do a push up competition and make funny faces next to passed out people.

With the heat (and probably age), we were all a little bit out of it in the evening.  Ended up at a club, where we drank a little bit more, danced a bit, and wished the newly weds the very very best!

Congrats BJ and Terie!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Farmer Mson Saga: Automating Watering with a Drip System

Watering consistently is hard, and since we will be out of town quite a bit the next month, I had to make sure our plants get the water they need.

The solution: Drip System.

Cost: ~$105... Automation doesn't come cheap!

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Farmer Mson Saga: Initial Planting

Finally gotten around to starting to take advantage of our yard.  Today we finally put in our plants.

What is being planted:
- Strawberries, watermelon, 2 kinds of tomatoes, edamame, cilantro, mint

Hopefully they turn out!

Proposed Layout: