Thursday, October 27, 2016

Snap Snap - ankle injured :(

At least this time it wasn't as a result of just walking in a park.

But this time I heard two snaps - might be a more serious injury than usual.

How did I injure my ankle this time you might ask?  Blocked a shot with the outside of my foot, then as my foot landed, it went snap snap :(.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wintermelon soup surprise!

It was like my bday - only it wasn't.

Thank you cousin-in-law! :)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Handyman Mson... Learning New Tricks!

Given the awesome job I did over the weekend, today I spent half the day calling in a plumber and asking how to turn off the water to the shower.  Finally finding one, the problem was quickly diagnosed and fixed.  Turns out I was pretty close to getting the plate replaced (and heck, at this point, the shower cartridge too).  The key part that caused half the shower cartridge to be stuck in the system was because it was left threaded.  Also, I guess I was pretty lucky that there was enough gunk that held that piece in place, so that water wasn't spouting out.

Also asked plumber to check out why the kitchen area stank.  After a quick look he recommended that I clean the garbarator.  Telling him that I had (with lemon peels, drano and such)... he told me to try again - only this time, dump ALOT of ice into it, not just a few cubes or any off the counter liquids.

So off I went and brought back 5 lbs of ice.  I forced it into the garbarator and at first, it didn't seem to do too much.  Then as I fed the more in, brown liquid started bubbling back up from the drain and I was like oh crap!!!  Did I just break the garabarator???

...Turns out it was a good thing.  The brown water eventually drained and then after a few more iterations of ice forcing, the garbarator smelled good again!!!  The brown water from what I can gather came about because as the garbarator spun and tossed the ice around, the ice chipped off the old gunk that was inside.  With enough ice all in the garbarator, not only did the hard to get to areas get hit, but also it started to build up a backlog of ice/water/slush.  With the ice in the way, the water started backing up (since during this time, cold tap water was constantly flowing into the garbarator)

All in all, new tricks learnt!  Place now good as new!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Handyman Mson... Fail!

Today the new appliances arrive!  So pretty and shiny :)
As I was checking out the rest of the place, I noticed that the shower plate (aka the escutcheon plate) seem to be coming off.  So Handyman Mson opens the plate up, and lets the water out that was ponding at the bottom of the plate (guess whoever was taking care of the place before didn't know to not seal the bottom half of the plate so that water could escape if it does get in.

After taking it out, I thought, why not replace the knob and the shower plate all together, so it is brand spanking new?  Easy enough task I thought so off I went...

Little did I know,
#1)  each shower assembly only works with certain models (ie. a lever type shower handle cannot be used to replace a knob type one).
#2) shower cartridge is the thing that controls the hot and cold water.  To work with that piece, the water should to the shower valve should be turned off.
#3) replacing the plate is pretty simple - but some models come with a shower cartridge replacement.  So if you are not careful you might pull out the shower cartridge without knowing.

Well, turns out that was me.  But luckily (or unluckily), no water was spouting out even after I pulled out the shower cartridge.  Later on I realized that when I was unscrewing the shower cartridge, I only unscrewed part of it... yikes!.

So now I learnt what a 'shower cartridge' is.
Handyman Mson.. Fail :(.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Lummi Island - Willows Inn... Continued

Woke up in the morning, and ate the breakfast.  Very glad we decided to eat here, because the juice and food was pretty unique and tasty!
On the way back, dropped by Taylor Shellfish and bought a fresh geoduck.  Sliced it up and ate it at night.  Mmmmmm....

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Lummi Island - Willows Inn

We were lucky enough to get a reservation for Willows Inn on Lummi Island with just two weeks notice.  Even though it was a Sunday reservation, it was worth going for our first ever big celebration!!!

So we drove up on Sunday, and boarded the ferry which was super convenient.  It is a 10 minute ferry ride, which runs every 30 minutes or so.  The ride over was really nice.  Then on landing, a short drive and we were there!

On checking in, we were greeted by a bunch of proscuitto's and interesting teas that was delicious.  There was even lamb proscuitto which was pretty awesome!  After snacking for easily a half hour, we walked around the area - saw the outdoor smoker, walked down to the beach, then we rested a bit in our room before going to the dining area.

Arriving a bit earlier, we settled in and ordered some drinks, and then a short while later the appetizers started coming.  We took care of those, and then eventually we were seated!

The dinner menu - lots of small bites that make for a delicious time!
- Toasted Kale Leaves (even for someone who doesn't eat alot of vegetables, this dish was good)
- Steelhead Roe (really tasty - texture was excellent, and the roe bursting as you eat it combined with the crisp outside was amazing)
- Smoke Black Cod Doughnut (unique and tasty)
- Raw fish and Shellfish
- Cauliflower mushroom
- Gooseneck Barnacles (really tasty - really hard to find)
- Island Pears
- Lightly cured rockfish in a broth of grilled bones
- Sea Urchin and Rutabaga
- Porcini mushrooms and burdock root
- Herb tostada (basically a flower taco)
- Crab soaked in pine nut milk
- Bread from heirloom wheat (and pan drippings).. the drippings was really yummy!
- King salmon (steamed with husk cherries and lovage)
- Grilled Cod Collars
- Digestive Tea (of toasted birch branches)
- Kiwi berries with lemon thyme (really delicious - another fruit we tried to look for everywhere but couldn't find)
- Pumpkin Seed Fudge
- Roasted Crabapples (with hazelnuts and sage)

All in all, this was a pretty unique and delicious experience.  With 18 small dishes (and a digestive tea), for $195 a person (excluding drinks), while that it is not cheap, you do get what you pay for.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

One more place...

This one has been rough.  Had to nag call everyday that last week to get things lined up.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Bday Weekend Dodgeball!!!

Thinking to do something different than the usual... this bday weekend, decided to book Trampoline Dodgeball!

Getting one of the birthday packages (since it is a bday celebration afterall), rounded up a bunch of folks and we went.  Because it was a birthday package, we got our own long table in the corner, and we even got two pizza hut pizzas for the group!  And the lucky bday folks also got their own orange grippy socks! woohoo!

There were 3 areas at this place.  A trampolin dodgeball site where they could do 15-15 at a time.  A foam pit where you would jump off a trampoline and fall into a foam pit.  And there was another area where there were just a bunch of trampolines and basketball nets that you can jump around.

All in all, it was soooooo much fun.  And also very tiring - jumping around takes quite a toll on your body!  The kids there were also pretty good at dodgeball - we were pretty much always getting hit by the little kids.. lol.  

I was also able to practice dunking.  It was actually in some ways scary because as you jump from the trampoline, you end up getting so high up that a few times I had to duck to miss hitting my head on the back board!

We also played some laser tag - which turned out to be alot more fun than I would have imagined.  Running around in a dark pretty small area, we were running around shooting at each other.

Thanks to all those who came out!