Sunday, August 28, 2016

One more wedding for the year!

Returned to T.O. for a quick weekend trip to attend a wedding.  No more lengthy stays this time as there is not much vacation left at this point.

As a token of appreciation, our host put the out of town guests in the inn, so that we did not have to drive back the night of.  That was pretty nice of them.  The room itself was also really nice and the breakfast the next day was really good!

Was a pretty fun night.  The venue was really pretty - there were a little bit of clouds, but the sky was still blue - making the pictures really good.  Didn't take much pictures though as it turns out.  This was also the first T.O. wedding that lil friend has attended other than my cous's last year.

Not needing to drive, the latter part of the party was pretty hazy.. hahaha... been a while since I drank this much...


On a side not - this will probably be one of the last ones (if not the last one) where that much booze goes in my belly.