Friday, September 30, 2016

Naka Bday!

Lil Friend takes me to a surprise bday dinner today!

Since deciding not to go to Mashiko anymore for their omakase (due to their price and lack of any new dishes) - today I was taken to Naka.

The courses:
 - Double souvee egg.  Cavier, 24k gold flakes, dashi broth <-- very unique and tasty
 - Eggplant, dashi, with bonito flakes.  Japanese red snapper.  Manila clam with char
 - Tuna belly, snapper (kenpachi) with housed age soy
 - Chawanmushi, black cod, mushrooms
 - Tako Suomono, triple cured, beaten for hours
 - Coal cooked black cod, pickled lotus root
 - Bar food.. Peanut, popcorn
 - Shiso sorbet with lemon and orange juice
 - Wagyu A5, leek, soy sauce, and apple slice
 - Pickled mushroom, kombu napa, rice burgundy with chestnut egg
 - Squash sorbet, cream fresh, sweet yam
 - Pecan Flan
(pictures are mostly in order, but not exactly... the rice and pecan flan is put in the 3rd and 11th position respectively...)

Was delicious and fun! Thank you! :D

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pokémon phone returned

After 2 months and a bit, the game is getting a bit boring.

At level 25, with only 2/3 of the Pokémons caught, decided to return the phone that I borrowed to play the game with.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Winnie in S.Town weekend

Her friends came too!  Little kid is super cute.  His dad was a great cook and taught us a new trick when steaming crab - add some wine at the end!