Thursday, January 05, 2017

Revisiting Kashiba

The Omakase was the same as last time except for one dish.  Was hoping there would be more differences than that.

Somewhat mediocre (probably because there was nothing new so there is no 'wow' factor anymore) - though the geoduck was super fresh.

The dishes:
- Duck breast, Pear, Balsamic glaze, Dried fig
- Yoshi (tamago bean, dashi shrimp)
- Bluefin toro seaweed wrap
- Albacore, tuna , oached tuna, toro, sea bream, flounder sushi
- King salmon, sockeye, amaebi, smoked king mackerel seared, toro searted, scallop
- Mirugai, salmon roe, uni, eel

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