Saturday, April 29, 2017

King Crab!

Weekend up north... a little box of uni for appetizer and dessert, and Alaskan king crab!

Oh, and not to mention winter melon soup, and a special dessert treat!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Restaurant Weeks: 4 Restaurants, 1 Winner

This year, we decided to do restaurant week.  It's been years since I have tried restaurant week, opting to just go to a restaurant when they are serving their 'normal' food.

Ground rules: 
- order their 3 for $30 (or equivalent)
- at most can order one other dish that is not in the 3 for $30 set
- one glass of wine

04/02/2017: Heartwood Provisions
Not sure if this is the Laotian influence or what not, but in general, the food was very sour.  Had their beef tartar served on bone marrow for an appetizer - which was a) sour, and b) too not tartar (as the beef and marrow were mixed in, and sat in the stove for too long.

Overall, a bit disappointed - though it was really cool to be eating at the bar, where we saw the chefs cook.

(Switching phones made me loose a bunch of pictures as it turns out :()

04/06/2017: Lark
Menu looked very good.  Lots of dishes I would love to try.  Will come back again.

(Switching phones made me loose a bunch of pictures as it turns out :()

04/09/2017: mkt.
WINNER!  Small place with not a lot of seating, but the courses were delicious and tasty.  Probably not a place to visit in the summer as it likely will get hot, but in the fall/winter a definite place to eat at.

The appetizers were really good.  The fried quail was surprisingly delightful, and the chocolate dessert was delicious!

04/13/2017: Vandemmia
Nothing too out of the ordinary, the scallops were done well.  While better than Heartwood Provisions, very far from mkt. and Lark.