Sunday, February 19, 2017


Tried out a restaurant called Chinapie today.  Was pretty interesting, an Itailian + Asian fusion/inspired restaurant (this was apparently the sister restaurant of Pomerol).

Some dishes worth calling out...
#1) The Pomerol: A pizza that had Foie Gras, Hoshin sauce, and apple slices on it.  Anybody else reading that would probably run away from the dish - but not us!  We tried it, and was pleasantly surprised.

#2) Foraged Mushroom Potstickers: Rarely do I promote a vegetarian dish, but this one is high on my list.  The mushroom tasted really good, and putting it in a potsticker was a nice touch.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Soccer and Issian

We lost today's outdoor soccer game, but I was able to score a pretty nice goal.  Basically started from our side of the half, took on 2 defenders and the goalie, and walked the ball into the net!!!  Even players on the other team congratulated me on the goal :)

As a reward for myself, went to Issian.  Played some pokemon and the guy next to me was like - oh, you are still playing (turns out he had like 148 of the pokemons, including Farfetch!).  When I got the check, the server saw my phone on the table and said she was also playing. Hahaha.  She even knew there was the valentine's day special event thing going on.  Guess there are still people who play it from time to time.

Issian is a pretty good spot for Pokemon catching.  There were two Pokestops and in the hour or so I was there, caught at least 30 Pokemons.  But more importantly, caught 2 Lickitungs, and 1 Ditto!!!  What a good haul!

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Shiki - Uni Tempura

Finally had it.. Delicious!

Verdict: Different, but really tasty. The shiso leaf kept the uni moist, and not overcooked.