Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend of Changes...

Things are finally slowing down at work...

Also, starting this weekend, I will need to find people to eat oysters and random food w/ :(. tsk tsk tsk...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleep-in Day

Having slept <5 hours a night for the past 2 weeks, sleep was the only thing on my mind today... What a great coincidence that today there was an office move... what a perfect day!

So after getting home around 1ish, took a quick 4 hr nap. Today was suppose to be an infamous IMO-Trinity combo night. Wasn't feeling too well though (probably from the lack of sleep), so I was going to play it by ear and at least go to IMO for dinner, then on the spot decide if I should soldier on...

Turns out though that today WASN'T an IMO-Trinity combo night, but just a misguided use of the term. The originators of this term both thought when IMO and Trinity were paired up on the same night, this implictly implies that a dinner at IMO followed by predrink at IMO and then a waltz over to Trinity, completed with the optional side-quest of 3am hot dogs or food == the plan... BUT apparently this wasn't the case.

Thinking that I didn't have to make dinner, here I was bumming around until 8pm - the usual time when events get kicked off, I am told tonight is not an IMO-Trinity combo night, but a Trinity night - with IMO thrown in as a tease. To add salt to the wound, we won't have time to even grab a quick bite at IMO (at least that was the plan)... wtf?!?!?!

So all that being said, feeling already pretty crappy physically, and having to make my own dinner now, I ended up chillaxing at home and by 12am, I was safely tucked in to bed! Ahhh.. what a nice bed I had.

Oh.. today I also started my first JA session today (at 7:45am in the morning!...). It was pretty fun, it has been awhile since I last taught anything to more than 5 kids (today there were 24). I think I was actually nervous and slurring alot! Also, I definitely am not a morning person... thinking back, I had felt like crap this morning too...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Culture Day: SAM

Having been a few months, it was time for Culture Day!

A stroll around pike place, grabbed some pastries, then it was off to SAM. They was a collection there today on loan from Yale. The paintings and story behind it was pretty cool. These were paintings related to the US Civil War and being into history, it was pretty cool.

Then went to back to work... tsk tsk... was very unproductive though - made almost 0 progress... Soon this will allll be over... soon... I hope.

Friday, March 06, 2009


Had a quick bite today, and as we chatted, got inspired to go to imo...

With a new found motivation, went back to the office and worked till 11pm, then then headed down. Sang a few songs, drank a few bottles of sake, and then went back home and continued more evening activities...

...Before we knew it, it was 5am in the morning...

Work hard.. play hard!.. wuhahaha

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Whistler Wkend Part III: Home Time

After passing out at 12am, today the plan was to wake up bright and early to slot in one more morning worth of skiing before heading back down to I have to say, it was hard trying to get up this morning. Was sooo tempted to just stay in and sleep more. It was pretty funny how ALL of us seemed like we were waiting for just that one person in the group to say "I am going to sleep-in" so that we can all just call it a day. hahaha! But troopers that we were, that didn't happen and so off we went for another day at the slopes.

Sore from the day before, today was not as good a day as the day before for skiing. Yesterday was actually really good, not too cold, new snow and not a lot of people. Today, it was actually above 0 C, and it was drizzly at some points. It looked like some of the higher runs were closed too, and man-made avalanches were happening every so often.

I think we went down 6 or 7 runs and then it was time to head back. Our lunch was good ol' KFC -- where they served poutine and hot wings! With today, this will mark the 4th time in the past 6 days that I have eaten KFC. I feel fat.

After lunch, we continued driving, and stopped by a Timmy's for some timbits and refreshments, and headed to the border.

At the border...
Officer (O): Hi, where you headed.
Us (U):
O2: Open the side door please (we were in a minivan so they wanted to see the faces)
O: Do you have anything to declare? Food, fruits, vegetables...
U: Nope. None at all.
O: (as the door is opening) ... Uhh... what is that (pointing to the grapes right in front of him as the doors opened)
U: Um... grapes... they are from Costco in Kirkland
O2: (picks it up) Oh! They ARE from Costco.
U: Err.. ya.... (at this point we are all like.. hrmmm.... oops... we are getting probes up our a55es... )
O: You can't take this back in (confiscates grapes) Do you have any other food or fruits or vegetables.
U: Err.. nope.
(O and O2 looks at us again... then lets us off)...

Funny experience thinking back...

Anyway, so we got back at the expected time, and so ends the Whistler weekend.