Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day!

2 inches of snow == snow day today!

So I WFH, and also having my lecture at home... nice feeling... .. .

Yet I still took a nap during... .. .

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Equations that make no sense

In my head today - a bunch of equations... all of which makes no sense...

square square modulo modulo power poewr... I feel like a broken robot... hahahaha

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nice day ... of procrastination

Have alot of things to do... but really, these past few days I don't feel like doing much.

Last night, had the classic make my own sushi/sashimi nite, some sake. Then boiled some TVBs. Headed to bed early.

Today, woke up, finished the TVB (I should mention that I finished 9 episodes in the last 24 hours..), and opened up the assignment, then decided to blog... ... .

Staring out at a clear blue sky - really don't feel like doing much. Maybe today is another write-off.

Note to self: I am screwed on Sunday... .. .

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's been a few years... but this is probably the first time in awhile where I couldn't stand a lecture. I was literally about to walk out on the lecture part way through.

By 4th year, I've gotten to the point where I would only attend lectures that I wanted to be in - and that has helped me free up alot of time, as well as be more focused when I am at the lectures.

Fast forward to now, where I feel obligated to attend every single lecture. And I have to say, it's tough. I think for the past few lectures, I am passed out from 7 to 7:30 just from work + lecture talk kablamo.

But today was different, the last half of the lecture was a slide deck click exercise. Though I guess it doesn't matter too much because with the lack of readings available, I have been learning from wikipedia, and each weekend has been a self exploration exercise, to supplement what was mentioned in the slides. I guess it's not much different than university in the past, and I am technically in school, but the difference is that I can't take 'snow days' and 'cold days' like I used to - since I feel guilty. But then again, I also feel guilty not giving the lecturer my full attention...

Ahh the dilemna...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sushi Attempt #X - Uni Attempt - Success!

Since I got the ceramic knife, I have basically almost done sushi/sashimi nights on Fridays. Today though, I had a craving for sushi, but instead of going to a restaurant, I figure I go see what was on sale at Uwajimaya. And lo and behold, I find nice fresh Uni, just sitting there waiting for me to eat. So I grabbed a pack, and it's on!

What I noticed was that the packaging was exactly the same as those that are used in the restaurants (little trays with 5 white compartments)... I wonder if the sushi restaurants just buys these as well. Hrm... At restaurants, they usually put about 1 or 2 pieces on each, but as you can tell, I put at least 2 on each :).

Comparing the prices...

Restaurant price: $4 to $6 for having two 1 or 2 pieces Uni on top of each sushi

Store price: ~$16 for a pack of about 20 pieces of Uni... (which comes out to 10 pieces+ of sushi that can be made from this pack... 5 + sashimi if done the Mson way)....

I am definitely one who should learn how to cook! Having say 6 pieces of Uni sushi at a restaurant would easily be $25+ dollars (and if it's doubled up like mines... $40+). The savings is definitely worth it to eat at home.

Note: It actually tasted pretty similar I think to the restaurants (not to mention it sorta looked like it!) - also, the sake I got was really tasty too.