Saturday, April 27, 2013

Soccer and Vancouver Guu

So after a fun night of Smashputt, the next afternoon was soccer in the rain. It was the last match of the season.  Our ringer came in and score 2 goals, but it wasn't enough and we ended up losing 4-2.  And with that, we have done ALOT worse (from '2 wins'... to 0 wins this season).....Sigggnnn

After the game, at the prompt of lil friend's friend who flew in, we took a trip up to Vancouver to meet up with another friend of lil friend who came in from HK for training.  We hit up Guu in Richmond at Aberdeen.  The food was pretty good there, and had a couple of pitchers of beer.. Mmmm... Sashimi, beer, ... lovely.

Needing more Japanese food, went to consult the original Vanc tour guide for a place to eat around the area, and landed at an Izakaya near where we had Karoake a few months back.  Tried the conch sashimi which was pretty cool, and had 6 large bottles of Asashi's between 4 people (but technically there was really 2.5 of us drinking :P)...  We did make it good deal, because it was I think buy 6 get 1 free it came out to be :)...

Mmmm... good food, good times.. another day in Vanc!

Friday, April 26, 2013


Today, we were going to go to Smashputt.  Had wanted to try this last year but then we couldn't get tickets.  This year though, we could!

So to start off the night, we went for Hot Pot.  Never been to this place before, but it was surely pretty ghetto.  For one thing, there was a restriction on needing to get all types of beef that was given... and after the first order, they would serve the same thing again.. wtf!... Even though it didn't matter too much, but that really killed the AYCE concept.  Now to add to it, there was only one kind of vegetable... not that I usually mind since I eat very little of it.  But I think actually it was going bad since it tasted bitter.  Very crappy place... never going again (this was somewhere near I-District).

Afterwards, we went to Smashputt.  A mini golf + bar specially set it that only comes about a couple weeks each year.  The holes were pretty fun, but after 6 or 7, I got pretty tired waiting in line.  There was some pretty cool ones though... and not to mention I got a hole in one for one of them :). 

Funnnn night indeed!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Becoming a Lead

Today I officially become a Lead.

Few wise words given to me by others who have been doing this for years:
"Now you have to care when someone's dog dies"
"More responsibilities, more work... same pay"

Lol... Looking forward to it!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wine Tasting At Goose Ridge (Living Social)

Utilized the Living Social coupon today to try out some wines. Went to the good ol' Woodenville area. I just realized that this might be the first time I've been to a tasting room outside that is not near a vine yard or winery.

This place looked like it was purely just for trying out wine and buying. The pours weren't that large (smallest pour I've seen), but the staff was friendly and super nice. The wines were pretty good, and the reserves' were definitely distinguishable from the non (the reserve were pretty tasty).

Right as we were about to leave, we scooted over to the winery next door, and they did two free pours just because they were trying to close. It was well worth it for them, because I ended up buying two bottles :). Mmmmmmm...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crazy Hail Day

After losing 7-0 soccer (but not by forfeit... first time in 3 weeks), headed over to the West Side of town. On the way, it was cloudy, then it was pouring, and finally... it hailed. Yes,, April... hail. Wow.
At night, went to this Lao and Thai restaurant. The food was pretty good there. First time I think having Lao cuisine. The food was pretty appetizing.. Mmm...

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Mashiko - 3 bottles of sake with the dancing beast

An outing with the dancing beast, and we ended up having 3 bottles of sake (2 shown here), and the standard Omakase.  Mmmmm...

What did we eat?... See below:

Cherry Stone Clam and Kunimoto Oyster on Half Shell Fuji apple cerviche with rockfish

Rockfish sashimi in ponzu sauce Abalone (My favorite)

Maguro tartar with quail egg Kale with miso glaze

Sushi: King Salmon, Coho, Albacore Toro, Kenpachi, Maguro Apple snails

Halibut Roe and halibut Sunba

Fried chia (tuna blood line) Kimaki Mochi (Mochi with Black Sesame on Top)