Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Night in Kirkland

No ketchup for $$$ this week. But after a little bit of late night work, I did swing by and go up to Kirkland again.

Meeting up w/ Kirkland Native and Fellow Intern, the first drink of the night was ridiculously strong. A simple rum and coke, but I think it was 4 parts rum, and 1 part coke. Dammmm this is what happens when you go to a bar where people know you well! Every drink this night were double or triples :).

So apparently the two of them didn't remember much about the night. But responsible me remembered it all :). Such a good boy am I!

Some noteworthy events:
Bouncer Impersonation
Kirkland Native walks up to the door, then turns around and asks for ID. The girl actually gives him her ID thinking he's the bouncer... heh heh heh... as the real bouncer put it, veryyyy smooth! Very smooth indeed!

Top shelf tequila down the drain
With last call, I decided I wanted some nice tequila from this nice white bottle (I forgot the name of it). So here were the 3 shots, then one spills directly on my shirt :(. So an entire shot wasted, we then start evening out the 2 remaining shots between the 3 shot glasses... pretty interesting watching 2 drunk people + 1 good boy trying to pour tequila into 3 shot glasses from 2 in mid air... but magically, no spills or drippage at all!

$40 bill for a $100 tab
So it was towards the end of the night, and time to ring up the bill. Kirkland Native sees the tab, and starts putting down the tips. I am asking why he is putting so much, but he just goes yup.. yes.. I know. Ends up giving a $40 tip!

Next day:
Kirkland Native: Why didn't you stop me from tipping so much?
Me: You said you knew what you were doing last night
Kirkland Native: (bursts out laughing)... (turns to Fellow Intern) I think you might owe me some money...


Note: So the idea was that because Kirkland Native is a regular there, we get better deals if we order through him. I guess with $40 tips, he should get VIP treatment!

Drunk Running
So after the bar, Kirkland Native and Fellow Intern decided to sprint home. Not quite sure why but ya, they ran real fast! The funniest part is they only vaguely remember exerting this much energy this late at night. Me? I just walked :)

Another fun night in Kirkland!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee

New year, new activities. Today would be playing ultimate frisbee for the first time. Last time I played frisbee in a team fashion was back in Gr. 11 in Cheeseman's class. That was a pretty fun year I remembered.

Anyway, ultimate frisbee is actually a pretty long game indeed. I think it was 1.5+ hours. It is an interesting game though, as I saw many different ways of throwing the frisbee around. There is this one where you throw it sideways up in the air, and it would somehow straighten itself... that was pretty cool!

Lots of running, but doesn't seem too tiring at all. Either I am getting more fit, or I should be running wayyyy more :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Live Crab in Sink... sooo Fun!

A typical lazy Sunday...

Waking up at normal time (ie. after 12pm), lounged around home a bit then went for a jog :) because it was sunny. I am now easily up to 16 min without huffing and puffing :).

Then proceeded to go grab my weekly intake of fish, but because it was so late, it was all sold out. Walking around the supermarket, I decided I'd instead buy a live crab and have fun with it :).

So bringing it home, the crab was quite a feisty one, but since I flipped it upside down, it could not upright itself (imagine a turtle flipped upside done.. heh heh heh). So w/ a knife, I'd poke it and the whole crab would move... come to think of it, I guess I was poking it in the groin area... LOL

After a few hours of letting it sit in the sink, it was time to do the deed. So I picked it up, and immediately it tried to grab on! Lucky I had my oven gloves. But anyway, because it was moving so much, it was REALLY hard to saw off its claws....

Then came a brilliant idea: Chuck the crab into the sink.. HARD. So I dropped it on the sink 3 times, and with each successive drop, the crab became less resistant.... guess I dazed it a tad... makes me wonder what the hard shell is for though... Anyway, once it was stunned, it was child's play to saw off the claws and what not. It was sooo fun though. Maybe I will buy another one next week just for kicks!

So Anime Buddy actually gave me a good tip. Instead of knocking the crab against the sink, supposedly running hot (or even warm) water over it will kill it. I wonder which way of death the crab would have preferred... a hot bath OR pound it 3 times into the sink, then saw and cut its claws off w/ a dull blade and scissors... hrmmm...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

1 Year Anniversary in Seattle

Time flies by! Can't believe one year has passed since I first got here!

So I decided that today, to match the theme of being different, I would try out new activities.

So first activity that was new was beta-ing the puzzle hunt for interns. This involved waking up at 9am and then solving puzzles from 10am to 5pm! Definitely something different. It was actually pretty interesting. Was really bad at it, but it was pretty fun. Wished I could solve more of them puzzles though...

Being half dead even prior to the event from the night before, crashed for a couple hours when I got home, then onwards to the 2nd new event of the day/night!

The second event was going to a Jazz lounge and listening to some live Jazz. With the original CS buddy (since there are actually 2 CS buddy's in Seattle), we went and it was a pretty cool experience indeed. I thought the people were really good - and it was pretty relaxing listening to them. An experience where we left feeling more cultured!.. woohoo!

Doesn't seem to eventful, but it was a very nice day exposing myself to something different!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Capitol Hill Bar Hopping

So after a night of drinking ketchup, I wasn't really up for drinking too much tonight... even if it is June. BUT it was someone's bday, and part way through the night, a DD suddenly volunteered their services... so I no longer needed to drive... wuhahaha.

So yes, finally after 3 weeks of wanting to drink, I finally got my chance. Best part was there were actually people to drink with. What great times! Feel sorry for the DD and CS buddy though. But I think they will forgive me :). I will be good boy next time!

The bartenders here were all pretty nice too (but then again, I never really ran into bad ones :P). The few times I said I was buying a drink for my birthday friend, the bartenders actually gave him a free drink. Both bars we went to did that... very impressed indeed (as reflected in the tips :D) Good service deserve good tips!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kirkland Outing.. $50 for ketchup!

It is June afterall, so if anyone tempts me with a drinking related event, the answer to it is usually a "yes, when and where?"... Today was no exception :)

So the plan is to tag along and hit a few bars in Kirkland. So after volunteering, whipped up dinner, then went to experience the bars at Kirkland. Meeting up w/ fellow coworker, we ended up going to two bars. Turns out it was one of his friends bdays.

Anyway, highlight of the night (Note: I was still completely sober at this time):
So here we were talking, and in front of us laid an innocent bottle of ketchup. Some random talk later.. then all of a sudden I hear "I will give you $50 if you drink this bottle of ketchup"... Now having ate half a tub of margarine as a dare before, ketchup seemed very doable... and for $50... haha.. that was awesome. So we laid down a few rules, and then off we went...

I was given 2:30 min to finish about 3/4 bottle of delicious Heinz ketchup. Two key factors contributed to the success making of $50.
1) As much as it wiggles and slides inside the bottle, Heinz really meant it when they said "It will come out when it's ready"... for the first 10 sec or so, nothing came out... solution: pound at the ketchup bottle so that the ketchup goes into a cup, then drink out of that
2) Ketchup in cup doesn't fall off - can't really pound at it cuz it will go all over my shirt. Solution: Using my brilliant engineering mind, the solution was sooo clear. Ketchup in one cup, beer in another... pour beer into ketchup, and BAM... viscosity problems solved! sooooo s-m-a-r-k!
Even with these two tricks though, it did come pretty close, took me 2:23 min to complete this task.

With all crazy actions, there must come some lesson. The lesson of the day is...
ketchup is actually spicy. It seems that if you drink enough in a short amount of time, the onion powder and spices can actually be tasted. If I didn't see the ingredients on the labe, I swear someone sneaked some Tabasco sauce into it!

Btw, a movie of this 2:23 min adventure is somewhere out there... just need to find it!...Maybe I will update this blog entry with it when I get my hands on it.

$50 for ketchup. wuhahaha... so ends another random night out of the house...

Link to the youtube video!

Blue Label Opened

Slightly after midnight, I finally opened it...

Sitting on my shelf for 5 months, I've been waiting for a chance/excuse to open it up. The beautiful Blue Label. Each one numbered and coming in a pretty box. Today I finally opened it up, and poured out from it :)

So this is definitely a nice bottle of whiskey. I swear each sip gave me a different flavor; yet they were all very smooth. There was a nice tingle in my mouth at times, and it just seemed very flavorful in general. Maybe it is my mind playing tricks on me, but ya, its definitely tasted different than the other scotch/whiskey that I have tried.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Drunk Badminton

So originally this night was actually slightly frustrating. After dinner, everybody wanted to do something, but no one wanted to do anything! 2 hours of talking about what we could do, gahhhhhhhhh!!!

Anyway, so the final plan was to go to a local bar, then play drunk badminton. To me, that's actually a better alternative to IMO (since if I had gone again, this would take my count to 8 times in the past 7 weeks!). So we drank a bit - well, I had 3 beers, but nothing anywhere to satisfy a weekend in June... especially today, then went off to play drunk badminton.

Armed with my 'special' red gatorade, I went about playing badminton :). First time since.. er.... grade 9?..hahaha. I think the years of not playing actually made me better than before. For once I could actually see the birdie unlike in the past. But turns out the rest of them actually knew what they were doing, so I had to basically try to mimic what they do on the spot (and that didn't go so well). It was pretty fun for me because I was just running around and wacking at the birdie (and sometimes it magically landed in the right place), but I wonder if it was fun for them. They didn't really seem to be too into it. Maybe they were tired?

So after an hour or so, a couple of them left and so I got badminton master to teach me how to smash. Smashed at (or tried to smash at the birdie) continuously for 10 minutes is pretty tiring... but sooo dam fun! Felt it the so much next morning though. My arm was hurting and my shoulders were too!

The interesting thing is that this little exercise just showed me that I can still be pretty active. Played soccer in the morning, then badminton at night, and I wasn't really all that tired. It was almost like the more I was playing, the better I felt!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Nice Night of Bbtea and IMO

Feeling like doing something, I decided to see what I can do. So a couple hours later, off I went for some bubble tea!

Now just any bbtea gathering would be not worth blogging about. But then today there was a strange twist to it...

So me and pye went ahead first. We walked up and down u-district trying to find this one store we went to last time, only to find out that we walked by it twice already! Then the rest of the crew came... bringing their own set of pictionary! I guess it's normal, because there are board games and cards at a bbtea place already. But ya, this was definitely different. So we played the game, etc, etc.

By the time the placed closed, it was only 12am, so me and pye decided to swing by IMO to chill (since the night was still pretty young). I think this is the 6 or 7th week in a row that I've been to IMO, but meh, its a nice place :). Some interesting convo and some interesting thoughts out of it, but I will leave it at that :)

Nice simple night, no heavy drinking, no super late night. Wouldn't mind if every week was like this. Only thing that would be funny is if Da da da da girl was at IMO too, that would have been interesting.. haha. As the waitress/friend told me, turns out I just missed the Da da da da girl by a little bit... lol

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Da da da da.... Da da da da

Was supposedly going to a hookah lounge, but turns out it was closed. So we ended up going next door to IMO (or emo?). So today marks the 5th week in a row that I've gone there...

So 2 weeks ago, we went to IMO and heard this girl sing this pretty catchy song. The coolest part was that throughout the song, she would smile at just the right moments. She was swaying back and forth, and if I remember correctly, even jumping up and down slightly.. She wasn't swaying because she was drunk or what not though, but it was more like the 'flow with the music' swaying. The best part was that she had this anime style hair going on (she had that trending downwards hair cut thing) and her voice was sooo cute! That combined with the smile... It was awesome! It was a Korean song, have no clue what it means, but I think for the past 2 weeks, I've been humming the chorus of this song.

So anyway, as luck would have it, this girl (henceforth called the Da da da da girl - because thats how the chorus sounds to me... might actually be Ha ha ha ha though) was there tonight as well. So being the avid fan I am, I go and ask if she would sing the Da da da da song again. I think that girl must think I am crazy. But crazy as I was, she did agree to sing (and actually knew which song I was asking for). Soooo happy! Loooove the way she sings it. Just brings a smile to my face.

For some reason she didn't finish the entire song though... maybe she was tired or something. But she did get to the chorus part so tipsy me was very happy indeed! (she did the whole smiling thing and everything). I guess thats the fun part of going to a karaoke lounge instead of just having a room. You meet random people and what not. I wonder if she will sing the Da da da da song again the next time I go to IMO... hrmmmm...

Second Full Outdoor Soccer Game In Years

Waking up bright and early at 9am, today would be the 2nd time I'd be playing soccer. So excited and got up early... even ate breakfast!

Got there, but game got delayed. So had to wait 2 hours before playing.

Supposedly the team we are playing again was pretty good. And looking at them, they were.. haha.. Lost 6-0 at the end. Think I was sort of responsible for 3 of those goals!... lol...

In consolation, I did deke past one guy soooo beautifully. It was the classic sun-tan-na move. Wuhahaha.

After the game, went for food, grocery, and took a 2 hour nap :). Waking up early is tough!

Monday, June 02, 2008

First Full Outdoor Soccer Game in Years

Probably the last soccer game I played that featured two 45 min halves was in first year (if not OAC). Being outside on the field, with my shin guards strapped on, and a jersey on my back... wow, I didn't think I would ever be doing that ever again! I realized I haven't wore the shin pads for quite a while when I put them on and realized that the elastics on it had turned slack. But since I finally got them socks shipped, it was ok... just had to keep pulling them up after a few plays :)

Ran alot, saw some pretty plays. My passing was a bit off and I couldn't lift the ball up as high as I would have liked for some of the passes. I even had one really good chance to score, but I botched it big time.... it was a perfect cross from one of my teammates, I handled it with my chest, but it bounced off just a bit too far from where I wanted it to and so the defender cleared it. In hindsight, I should probably have tried to head it in right from there instead of thinking of putting it onto my legs and taking a shot. But all in all, it was a good start. Not too bad for playing for the first time in a few years!

Total time on field: about 25 minutes or Went in midway or so in the first half, then subbed myself out a couple minute before the half ended 'cuz I was wayyy too tired. Went back in for another 10 minutes or so at the end of the second half to pad up the lead :). I wonder if I will ever be able to play for 2 45 minutes halves again... hahaha!

On the good side, our team did end up winning. We started a bit sluggish and let in a few own goals, but we pulled together and came out winning. The other team did have one less player than us, and they were definitely fatigue towards the end.

All in all, game was pretty fun, team's pretty fun. Supposedly the next teams that we will be facing will be tougher than this first one. In which case, it would be pretty fun!